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starting points for new explorers
The Guide's Agreement
(how we learn to love)

I agree to consciously explore
whatever BLocks my ability to love.

I agree to consciously guide
any explorers whom I commit to help.

I agree to consciously practice
loving restraint (damage control) whenever I am in shock.

I agree to consciously share
my personal and professional emergences freely with others.

Who We Are - What is Emergence?

A Glossary of the Terms We Use in all of Our Theories

Article: A Glossary of Emergence Terms
A Brief Introduction to The Words We Use
(A Glossary of Emergence Terms)

The Way We Test Our Theories

Article: How Can You Know If Something Is True?
Fractals, Psychophysics, and the Mind Body Connection
(The Three Emergence Truth Test)

The Personality Theory

Article: A Professional Introduction to Emergence 2006
(excerpted from a letter originally sent to Dr. Lawrence Pervin)
(Emergence Letter)
Article: Me, Personality Theories, and Giving Birth
My Opening Blog on Zaadz
(Emergence Personality Theory)
Article: Humanistic Emergence 2006
Who We Are. What We Do.
(Emergence 2006)
Article: An Overview of Emergence 2005
"Humanistic Emergence"
(Humanistic Emergence)
Conversation: Questions to Me as a Personality Theorist
A Young College Student Asks
(Me as a Personality Theorist)
Quik Summary: Emergence Personality Theory (the Layers of Aloneness)
A New, More Loving Theory About How We Live, Love, Grow, and Heal
(Aloneness Personality Theory Quik)
Visual Article: Is Aloneness the Driving Force Beneath All Our Troubles?
the Layers of Aloneness: A New Theory of Human Personality
(Aloneness Personality Theory)

The Therapy

Brief Article: Love and "BLocks" to Love
A First Look at "Emergence as a Therapy
(Love and BLocks)
Article: Emergence Therapy <> Traditional Therapies
What Makes Emergence Therapy Different?
(Emergence Therapy Differences)
Quik Summary: "Emergence as a Therapy"
A Brief Look for Therapists and Those Wishing to Heal
(Emergence Therapy Quik)
Visual Article: The Way Emergences Happen
The Five Steps We Use to Make Our Discoveries
(The Way Emergences Happen)
Brief Article: an Introduction to Emergence: 2003
Finding the Words to Describe Emergence
(Emergence Intro 2003)

Who We Are

Brief Article: How To Know If You Are a "Healer"
A Welcome Message to New Explorers
(Are You a Healer?)
Brief Article: How We Talk: "Uncomplicated Conversations"
Exploring the Message, not the Messenger
(How We Talk)
Brief Article: Getting Around the Emergence Site
Some Helpful Hints About How the Emergence Site is Organized
(Site Hints)
Article: How We Make Our Discoveries
A Theoretical Outline of the 3 Emergence Views
(How We Make Our Discoveries)
Chart: Emergence - Theories to Therapy
A Brief Look at How the Theories Ground the Therapy
(Emergence Theories to Therapy)>

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