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Humanistic Emergence 2006

An overview of who we are and what we do.

[1] What is Emergence and [2] What Makes it Different?

Emergence is three things; a way to map human consciousness, a theory of personality, and a therapy. What makes it different is, in all three cases, Emergence focuses entirely on the discovery of beauty. Thus, even when Emergence is used as a therapy, rather than focusing on what is troubling people and on eliminating this trouble, we focus entirely on uncovering the beauty hidden within these troubling situations, including within peoples' symptoms. As for how these three system fit together, despite their great differences, each system completely integrates within and explains the other two. So what are these three systems like?

In the case of our map of human consciousness, we use a previously unmapped criteria; the visual intensity of what is on the screen of the mind, to find previously hidden patterns of activity. Within this mostly chaotic data then, we have discovered four significant patterns of visual intensity, each signifying one of what we have found to be the four basic experiences humans beings can have; [1] getting overwhelmed, [2] getting wounded, [3] reliving a wound, [4] and emergence. Moreover, we have been able to use these patterns to guide our discovery processes, including to guide the healing process.

In the case of our personality theory, we believe we have created the first truly integrated theory of personality, a system which includes and explains not only what we have discovered but also what all previous theorists have posited. Moreover, this theory easily meets the requirements for a personality theory; [1] it posits a complete system of personality, including a system of motivation, [2] it generates reliable predictive data regarding human behavior, and in far greater proportions than any previous theory, [3] it generates incredible numbers of new possibilities for research, each with many potential practical applications, and [4] it finds the good in all previous theories and looks to incorporate this good into the theory at large.

Finally, in the case of the therapy, we have created a comprehensive system of theory and techniques, all of which stem from the above two systems. Thus, even with the substantial differences between these three systems, each connects to, and substantiates, the other two.

[3] How Do We Look For the Beauty in Troubling Situations?

We look for disturbances for which logic cannot account, similar to how astronomers look for planets, black holes, and twin stars by finding unaccountable gravitational disturbances.

Painful life circumstances tend to gravitate to the places in our minds wherein we can not visually exist. By looking for these "mental" black holes then, we find beauty even in the severest of circumstances.

[4] What Are Some of the Ways We See Emergence Being Used?

Of course, one of the main ways we see Emergence being used is as a talk therapy. However to call Emergence Therapy a "talk therapy" is a misnomer, in that we have many times used it on preverbal infants, in one case, on a five week old to heal post partum disturbances. In another case, we used it to virtually heal Asperger's in an eight year old and have had very promising results in a number of similar cases.

Another place we see Emergence being used is in the educational process and especially with regard to how our personality test instruments; what we call, "Social Priority Charts"; can, in five minutes or so, accurately match teachers to students. We are currently in the process of initiating two pilot programs and expect to have hard data within a year or so. Along with a usable outline for general implementation.

Yet a third area we have begun to explore is in and around eating, weight management and fitness. Here, we have some four years of exciting research regarding how human consciousness affects weight gain and loss, including that some people can lose weight without dieting. This has lead us to realize how states of consciousness can guide peoples' recovery from eating disorders.

A fourth application, also a  four year project, involves people and finance. In fact, we are currently negotiating with eight major financial institutions to license this new technology which, in and of itself, creates lasting trust between financial professionals and the clients they serve. How? By accessing in people the part of their conscious minds which existed before financial injuries.

We have even developed a new martial art; in essence, a variation of Tai Chi, which we call, the "Tai Chi of the Two Directions." Here again, everything we base this practice on completely integrates with every other thing we teach and so, we have several times used this martial art to help heal personal difficulties in adolescents and in young adults.

[5] What's Next On Our Agenda?

We recently opened a Center for Emergence and currently have ten teachers in our Master Teacher's Group. Two of these teachers are accomplished martial artists, one in Tai Chi, the other in Akido. We also have two people with careers in education, one a middle school principal, the other a teaching coach for teachers of learning disabled students.

We also have a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Licensed Physical Therapist. And we also have an award winning New York City graphics design artist, and an accomplished professional musician / recording engineer.

Of course, two of us work as Emergence therapists in private practice, and another works full time as a CFP (Certified Financial Planner.)

As you can see, we have a great diversity in the backgrounds of our teachers, including that each of us has invested years in the study of the principles of Emergence. And there are more teachers to come. In the works (studying to meet the entrance requirements), we have an expert in gender issues, an English teacher who has developed a way to use Emergence to teach troubled readers to read, a Fitness / Yoga / spiritual life coach who has studied with Depak Chopra, and a therapist whose specialty is Human Sexuality.

On tap? Workshops in everything from conscious childbirth and baby rearing to men's issues and interventions for people with addictions. We also hope to have our Bernie Book (our financial project) helping people with their fears in and around finance sometime early next year, along with our pilot programs for matching students to teachers in place sometime next Fall.

As for finding out more about us, our web site currently has several thousand written pages worth of studies, stories, and practical guides. In fact, at this point, we get visited by people from some sixty or so countries every week, all this with no significant public visibility, including not a single book.

Will there be a book? We hope so. In fact, there are currently two on tap with a third being considered.

So there you have it, the current state of Emergence. As always, we welcome your questions. And comments.



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