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How to Know If You Are a "Healer"

A Welcome Message to New Explorers

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My name is Steven, and like all beings on this planet, I am a healer. In fact, I believe every being that has ever existed and ever will exist is a healer. Sadly most will never know it and so, will never practice. To all of you courageously practicing, it is an honor to meet you.

I have been asked to write a little about my school of healing; Emergence; and about my sense of wounds and healing. Let me begin with this: all that I am about to say and all that I could ever say will, at best, be a good metaphor. By this, I mean, I know of no absolutes. Absolutes are the realm of the Infinite whom I sometimes call the "Recipient of Prayers" although even here, my words are merely metaphors for something far beyond my comprehension. I state this here to honor my creator and to remind myself of my true size in the Universe. I also state this so as to not dishonor anyone else's school of healing while still honoring my own, as my intention here is that my work augment the good already in existence rather than to compete with it. All this said, let me now address the questions at hand, starting with the most important question a healer could ever ask, "what is a wound?"

To begin with, please allow me to use my own metaphor for "wound," the word "BLock." I use this word as words have much power, especially in the way they create inner pictures in us. For most people, the word "wound" usually generates pictures of cut arms and bruised hearts. The word "BLock" is meant to generate a more accurate inner picture of what breaks in us; our ability to see the beauty in something or someone, or in other words, our ability to love.

Lofty words. What about the real world side? To see this, I must digress and start with the word, "consciousness." What is "consciousness?"

First notice how difficult it is to "picture" the word consciousness. This difficulty is the best clue one can have in realizing what consciousness is. Very simply put, consciousness is "the skill of picturing movement," where the "picture" is the one displayed on the screen of your inner life. More over, this means, what you can not picture, you can not be conscious of.

Different from simple awareness, then, which means you can recognize in a mental or intuitive way that "something is out there"; that it simply exists; consciousness is a living, breathing, inner picture, a personal pool of reality into which one dips to form the basis of one's truth and life.

Unconsciousness then, or what I frequently refer to as the state of being called shock, is simply "losing access to the experience of living in the picture"; being unable to picture what you know exists, and this state can take the form of too many inner pictures, an experience I call, "flooding," or an absolute inability to picture internally, the state I call, "the empty page".

If what you can not see is not a part of one's personal reality, then, can you see what underlies most of our struggles with love? Here again, a picture is necessary in order to have a conscious understanding and so, let me now offer a picture for the word, love. What is love? Love is seeing the beauty in what we "picture" with a slight bias toward the heart aspects of life, although this bias is probably more a part of my own personal reality than any true reality. Closer to the truth would be the idea that, in order to consciously love anything or anyone, one must experience this something or someone with both head and heart equally. This idea by the way is the essence of shamanism and of all other great metaphors, from the Tao symbol and the Ankh all the way to young Einstein's E=MC2 (Einstein was 26 when he envisioned this metaphor).This idea is also what I have pictured above in the "two that are one" seesaw. More important, it is also the essence of what happens to us whenever we internally picture, this without effort and with no training whatsoever.

Why equally? Because whatever part of yourself you do not love will be experienced in darkness, and love is an experience which fills every corner of your conscious being with light. This idea is actually the key to understanding what learning is in that learning is an experience which occurs only when one consciously witnesses something with both head and heart equally; when one pictures it. What is learning then?

Learning is seeing the beauty in what we "picture" with a slight bias toward the head aspects of life. Here again, like my sense of what love is and my bias there toward the heart aspects, this bias toward the head aspects is probably mine and only my personal perception in that conscious learning requires a thoroughly filling experience, one in which a new picture of what you are learning emerges. This experience, which I call an "emergence," is the main thing these five topics have in common. More on this word in a moment.

What is a wound then? In a sense, a wound is simply an event in which wounded learning occurs, a suddenly overwhelming experience in which a rapidly changing group of painful pictures, or a single profoundly blank picture, get associated to a particular life experience. In other words, a wound is simply a place in our inner consciousness wherein our access to the "skill of picturing" has become "BLocked." Here, the word "BLocked" refers to the wounded learning itself and is the word I prefer to use to refer a person's wounds and woundedness.

Why does the word "BLocked" start with two capitals? Because "BLocked" is actually a contraction of the phrase, "being locks," those places in us in which our ability to "be ourselves" has become blocked or in other words, those places in our personalities in which we have lost access to our abilities to be conscious, to love, to learn, to know we are wounded and to heal our wounds. In simple terms, then, BLocks are the places in us in which we have simply "lost access to the skill of picturing," and BLocks do this to us to such a degree as to prevent us from even imagining pictures in these life areas. They are also the root cause of all symptoms no matter how and where they manifest.

By the way, knowing the nature of this difficulty, what a BLock is, is one of the most important ideas a person could ever learn in that this knowledge then becomes the basis for all healing. Why? Because healing is simply "restoring access to one's ability to picture in the BLocked life area."

Now what about the word "emergence." In the greater, philosophical sense, the word emergence refers to the committed exploration of and sharing about these five topics for the purpose of healing our abilities to experience love. In the more personal sense, though, the word emergence refers to those moments in which we actually accomplish this on a personal level, those incredible moments in which we gain OR regain access to some of our abilities to picture in some previously BLocked area of life. As used here then, the word emergence describes those wonderful "aha" experiences wherein we become more conscious, fall in love with anything or anyone, learn to see the beauty in anything or anyone, discover without judgment one of our wounds, and or heal one of these wounds.

Here then is what all great healers intuitively practice but rarely recognize consciously: the "wound" is "what you can not see" rather than "what you can see." Thus, symptoms, and the painful events which precipitate them (what you can see), are not the wounds themselves but only the reflections of these wounds, the indirect evidence meant to guide us to where we each need love. And "healing" is not simply alleviating these symptoms nor is it more fully grasping the painful events which injure us. It is restoring in us the inner ability we each were born with; the unlimited ability to see the beauty in everything and in everyone.

This is what we explore on this site; these five topics and these ways of "picturing" them. We also explore the single experience which they all have in common, emergence. I hope you will come to love the gentleness and clarity which these pictures can bring to our journeys as healers. There is an incredible amount of joy and beauty out there just waiting to emerge in each of us.

I wish you all the best and blessings in your quests toward this most wonderful of reasons to be; being a "healer."


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