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Revisions and the Link to The Site Map

Above, you will find a link to a rather long page, a complete listing of all that is contained on this site including a "last revised" date for each link. Since Emergence in the broadest sense refers to the committed exploration of and sharing about the five topics: consciousness, learning, wounds, healing, and love, there are an incredible amount of possibilities. Thus, the articles, diagrams, stories, and conversations contained on this site cover a very broad range of information.

More over, since I and my colleagues continually explore these five topics, we continually discover more threads which connect them, and us, to each other. Thus, we often find that just as we thought we understood the basics at least, we discover a previously unseen, deeper level of meaning. This means we frequently revise the site content.

Sometimes this means we add new terms, or revise old ones such as when we began to replace the word "wounds" with the word, "BLocks." By this I mean, seven years ago we still called peoples' injuries, "wounds" and sometimes still do. For several years now, we more often call them, "BLocks."

Why the change? Because most people, when asked what they first picture when they hear the word, "wounds," say something like "a cut" or "an abrasion," even when they are first told the "wounds" they are being asked about are those which occur to a person's nature.

And what do people first see when they get asked to picture the word, "BLocks?" In the context of what we talk about here; the five topics; most people picture a more accurate scene. This scene often resembles some sort of mental or emotional "inner barrier," an internal wall which, when it obscures the screen of the mind, obscures or impairs peoples' ability to heal and to see the beauty in life.

Please know that whenever we revise our terms, we do it not to generate a new level of "psychobabble" but rather to offer the reader a more accurate "inner picture," a more conscious and accessible way to see what it is we are saying. After all, the basis of everything found on this site comes from the simple idea that consciousness is the skill of picturing.

And the other revisions and additions? Some, the widest ranging, come from having discovered a more gentle and loving way to express our ideas. "Julie's Eyes," the pictorial journey through how human beings learn to be conscious of themselves and of each other is but one example.

Still other revisions come from the clarity which keeps evolving in us as we constantly seek better ways to pass to others what we find. The "Quik Summaries" are an example of this.

Finally, please forgive us for the those articles and such which are still in draft form or worse, are simply blank pages in the planning stages. To be honest, we know this can be annoying and so, most web masters avoid less than finished pages.

Often, though, we believe someone may be helped even by reading the title of an article and so, we post what we have as soon as we have it. Forgive us if this gets annoying. We mean well and believe it may help someone anyway.

Please know, too, that if you find something unfinished, I will be glad to answer whatever questions you may have even to those as yet only titled pages. After all, exploring Emergence is a life long endeavor, and being asked these questions is the work. At least for us it is anyway.

As for the actual "site links page" itself, please know it is the largest page on the site and so, can take quite a while to load. Know, then, that there is probably nothing wrong with your computer if this page takes a while to load. It's just that this page, like the topic of Emergence, covers a very broad range of information.

Oh, and one last thing. You may want to hit your browser's reload button when revisiting a page. Because we revise often, this will ensure you see the most current revisions.

Have fun exploring and good luck.


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