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the 2nd Formula of Human Consciousness

The Foundations of Emergence Personality Theory

Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Meaning Chapter 3 - Meaning Formula Chapter 4 - information Formula Chapter 5 - Woundedness Test Chapter 6 - Time Formula Chapter 7 - Consciousness Formula Chapter 8 - the Information Variable Chapter 9 - the Meaning Variable Chapter 10 - Planes of Experience Chapter 11 - Examples of Planes Chapter 12 - the Time Variable Chapter 13 - Chapter 14 - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 17 - Chapter 18 -

Chapter 16

Charting the "Time" Variable

the "Pregnancy Test"

My intuition tells me many of you will have gotten stuck wondering whether my tests are true or not, both for wounds and for truth itself. If this is you, please try to let this go. More over, should you wish to explore this idea further, know our web site is literally filled with examples which support these ideas. For now, please allow me to return to our current focus, defining the information variable. Especially with regard to how it applies to human consciousness.

What if I am right about all of this then? If I am, then what can this formula show us about information?

For one thing, it shows us the nature of shock, the condition wherein we lose our words or spout words we don't even mean. Which is just another way to refer to the condition wherein we lose our ability to control how we offer information.

How exactly does this happen? To see, consider this. Consider you have just found out your teenaged daughter is pregnant. The test has been confirmed. It is positive. How would you feel?

Talk about shock! The instant you heard her say those words, I am sure you felt a lot. How much? Well, this would depend on who you were. For instance, if you saw this as meaning her whole life was ruined, you would probably start screaming things like, "How could you!" Perhaps, though, you would just stand there and stare into the air, then sit down and pray that this was all just a joke. Either way though, whether you over reacted or under reacted, you would still be deeply in shock. What then? Well, let's use the Information Formula to see what this might look like.

Begin with that the time variable would be at 10. Why? Because if this information were true, it would change your daughter's life for the rest of her life. This would be true no matter what anyone felt and no matter how many times you were told it. It would, in fact, always represent a perfect truth; an unchanging idea; a life and death sized alteration.

How about the meaning variable then? What would it look like? Well, if you reacted as if your daughter's "whole life was ruined," then in all likelihood, the maning variable would be at or close to full scale too, probably a ten as well. Why? Because anything which feels like it will change your whole life carries the weight of a full scale meaning variable. So what would this do to the information variable?

If you felt the "whole life is ruined" reaction, the information variable would be a mere one. Why? Because you would be focused entirely on the one fact you knew; that your daughter was pregnant.

How about the second example now; the "staring into the air" reaction. What would this look like? Well, the time variable would be verey, very small. Why? You would feel like time was standing still. Time variable value? Probably a 1. And the meaning variable would be so large, it would probably hit full scale. After all,


[discuss the meaning of this event, infinitely variable period. Discuss how the person's sense of time would change. Timeless. No time. Everything in between. The information, if true, would never vary one bit though. This combination visibly represents the nature of all difficult life decisions. They are difficult by their very nature. Why? Because the information in them never changes.]

What other kinds of situations meet this perfect information test? Deaths, infidelity, getting cancer, getting married, graduating college, going bankrupt, and so on. All these situations meet the "information" truth test. They will all infinitely vary over time and in meaning and yet, the information itself will never change.

Can you see what makes these life events so important and profound? It's simple. They are the truths of your life. They are the few things you can not alter, no matter how you try. They are the perfectly true aspects of your very existence.

So what about things that do vary over time. How does this formula work when "Time" is the focus? Let's look.