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The 4 Formulas of Human Consciousness

The Foundations of Emergence Personality Theory

Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 2 - Meaning Chapter 3 - Meaning Formula Chapter 4 - information Formula Chapter 5 - Woundedness Test Chapter 6 - Time Formula Chapter 7 - Consciousness Formula Chapter 8 - the Information Variable Chapter 9 - the Meaning Variable Chapter 10 - Planes of Experience Chapter 11 - Examples of Planes Chapter 12 - the Time Variable Chapter 13 - Chapter 14 - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 17 - Chapter 18 -

Chapter 17

The "Consciousness" Formula

At this point, we've done quite a bit of philosophizing. And story telling. And analyzing. So what have we proved so far?

For one thing, we have proved that the three variables on the right side of this equation are incredibly related. Close relatives to be sure. More over, we can also see that if any one of these three variable ceases to exist, meaning, if its value drops to zero, then the other two variables cease to exist. They become zero as well. Now think about this for a moment. This idea is deep. And yet, even trying it on using the simplest of conditions shows it is obviously true. Always. So what else can we see?

Well, for one thing, if this version of the formula is true, then what we see on the right side of this equation could very easily be seen as the formula for light. Literal light? Yes, literal light. And yes, I am saying that consciousness equals light. Now consider what I'm saying this time.

Einstein said that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. And what is mass times the speed of light squared? Well, did you ever consider that mass moving at the speed of light squared is "light?"; in other words, that "stuff" moving at the "speed of light squared" is what creates the quality we call "light?"

Am I crazy? How can I keep making these kinds of leaps?

Actually, I'm not making any leaps. I'm simply drawing from the many disjointed references we already have in our language as to how things work, and I'm finding a lot of already existing threads of similarity within these references. I'm also remembering our truth test and using it to test everything I'm saying. Remember? "Infinitely variable (meaning and time) and yet never changing (information)." The unchanging information? The formula. The infinitely changing meaning and time?