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What Makes A Science Credible?

A Plea for Reason in a Logically Reductive World

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The Death of Curiosity

Whenever I observe young children, they never fail to amaze me. Each in their own way is a little creative genius; a miniature Einstein. In part, I imagine this is due to that they have yet to feel the social inhibitions against self expression we adults must submit to. And lest you think this untrue, try voicing an original idea which challenges the current administration. Please do remember to wear a hockey mask and full body armor before attempting this though.

Daily, it breaks my heart to see these little creative geniuses die. One has to wonder how many Einstein's we would otherwise have.


Why the talk about children in an article about scientific credibility? Because part of what gets broken in children is their desire to know what makes something true. In lieu of this natural desire, they simply acquiesce


At one, two, or three, most children still have access to their natural curiosity, and being they have yet to declare a major, each in their own way is part little scientist, part little educator, part little teacher, and part little personality theorist.

Sadly, by four, children begin to lose access to this natural curiosity. In lieu of the freedom to explore for themselves, their innate creativity wanes


AMany Recently an area of exploration has been genius and creativity. As an outgrowth of my having found fractal definitions for these two terms, Recently, one of my brighter students


My motive in writing this article is simple; to make a plea to the scientists and educators for a return to "common sense," a term I'll define shortly. Why write this now? Because