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Me, Personality Theories, and Giving Birth

My Opening Message on Zaadz

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I've been and done a lot of things in my life, but never a blog. I've never even read one. Silly me.

I'm not even sure I know where to begin, other than by doing what I often encourage others to do; to be real and speak the truth. This I can do. For the most part, anyway.

So who am I? I suppose I should start with that I'm the world's most unknown personality theorist. Not just a student of other peoples' theories, mind you, although I am indeed that. No, actually, I've written a theory of personality. A whole one. And a theory of the mind. And a therapy. And lest you hear what I've just said as me bragging about how great I am, please know, I, in no way, mean my words to sound this way. What I mean is, I am only as good as the good I do. Thus, I say these words only as an offer, to share with you my discoveries. And as an invitation of sorts. To come and grow and learn from each other. Even if it this learning makes us struggle at times. After all, birthing anything is a struggle. And painful.

My hope is to make a difference in the world before I die. Especially for children.

I know I cannot do this alone. This is a part of why I'm here on Zaadz.

Anyway, for many people, talk is easy. Doing is not so easy. So as a way of introducing myself, I thought I'd say a bit about what I'm doing today, the good I am trying to accomplish in this 24 hours.

Part of my day will be spent writing about a project my friend and fellow Emergence teacher, Jen and I are doing. Jen is five weeks away from having her second son. Together, we are exploring ways in which she can more consciously give birth.

What have we accomplished so far? For one thing, we've realized, through thought experiments and visual revisits to her first son's birth, that the cycles of contractions women go through while giving birth may be the doorway into decreasing their pain. How? By getting their coaches to focus on timing the length of these pains, rather than on measuring how much time passes in between these pains.

Why would this be important? Because it looks like women experience these contractions in an extreme state of "before seven" time, while they experience the down time in between contractions in "after seven time." Translation. They experience the pain as if it will never end (like children experience unpleasant things before they learn to tell time), and the relief in between these pains as if it will be over all too soon (like most folks experience good things as soon as they learn to tell time).

If this is true, then helping a woman to alter her sense of how time passes during her contractions may be a really effective pain eliminator. Or at least, one heck of a good non harmful pain diminisher.

In addition to this stuff about reducing the pain, we are also beginning to suspect that during child birth, women go though all ten Layers in each cycle of contraction ("layers" are progressive, fractal states of being, sort of a cross between the layers in a computer operating system and how we often see our personalities as layered "onions"). Here, Jen and I have begun to do a thought experiment in which we are trying to sort this out. So far, it looks like this may be true. It appears women do cycle through all ten layers within each contraction. In addition, it appears that the timing of this movement exactly follows the "P" curve (the fractal shape which is revealed by charting the visual intensity of what happens on the screen of the mind during wounding events).

What would this mean? It would mean that even in the worst moments of her pain, whomever is coaching Jen to give birth could use this knowledge to help her to navigate within her conscious state, even to the point of her being able to know exactly when it would be best to try to connect to others. As well as knowing when it would be best to simply leave this effort to others.

At the very least, this could enable Jen to more consciously witness time passing, which in turn, could decrease her sense of that the pain will never end. As well as her aloneness in the birthing room.

More on this in the weeks to come.

Later today, I plan on working with another friend and fellow Emergence teacher, Austin. Austin is an awesome NYC graphics designer. To see for yourself, check out his site ( . Anyway, Austin and I, and our friend Brian the financial planner have been working on a way for people to talk to each other about money without going into shock. It's pretty exciting actually.

We call what we've been working on, the Bernie Book, and it's a 32 page tool for anyone wanting to know where their money goes. Groan. Groan. Yes, I know. No one likes to look at where their money goes. However, what we've done is figure out a way for people access their thoughts in and around finance while accessing the state of consciousness they had access to before they had injuries about money. We think we've succeeded. The proof? Every person we hand this booklet to does not want to give it back. More important, they literally ask if they can fill it out. Not much like what people normally act like when asked to reveal where their money goes <smile>.

The good we hope to accomplish here is to create a useful and easy way for people to talk to each other about their money. Consciously. Imagine how this would change peoples' relationships? Betas over the past two years prove this is already very doable. Including that some pretty big financial companies are talking to us about what we are doing.

Anyway, later today, Austin and I will be working on a sales and training After Effects media presentation. Sounds like fun to me. And despite the fact that I've never worked in After Effects, I love learning. Especially with people I love.

I'm looking forward to it.

Lastly, I guess I should mention that I'm in day seven of a ten day fast. Hungry? Yes. But on fire with enthusiasm. Which is why I do fasts. They are one heck of a good way to alter one's conscious state.

In addition, I do them as part of my ongoing studies in and around how the body gains and loses weight. My mom died at 48 from anorexia. I watched her die. It was so painful.

Since then, I have dreamed I could find a way to help people like my mom.

Some times it just kills my heart that I've come to be such a warm healing man but for her, it was too late. In reality, though, I know her death has been one of the driving forces behind my desire to make the world a better place, and that without it, well, who knows. And while I no longer believe everything happens for a reason, I do believe we can make a reason for everything that happens. Including that with enough love and conscious connection, we can make things like her death into powerful motives to be of use in the world.

Before closing, I suppose I should give you the link to my site. Please know, most folks feel very overwhelmed the first few times they visit. If this happens, don't feel bad. Very few people are interested in everything on my site. Human consciousness is a big topic.

Even so, you might find something of interest there.

All for now.



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