Steven Paglierani LCSWr BCD CASAC

Who Is Steven Paglierani?

Steven Paglierani is a writer, teacher, social worker, and scientist who fell in love with science at an early age. And at age ten, a teacher changed his life by telling him that, in all likelihood, no one in his class would ever have an original idea. The truth is, with regard to most people, she was right—most people will never have an original idea. But in many cases, this is not for lack of trying. Rather it’s for lack of a scientific method which guarantees discoveries, every time out.

In 1996, after more than a decade of soul searching and daily meditation, he had his first original idea. Startles (painful surprises) are the root cause of all lasting injuries. Or as Pierre Janet might have said a century before, startles cause fixed ideas. A month later, he had his second. Being pleasantly surprised while reliving a wound heals this wound. Not coincidentally, this second idea is the complementary opposite of the first.

Know that everything on this site has emerged from exploring this first pair of complementary opposities. Startles (submergences) as the cause of wounds. Epiphanies (emergences) as the cause of healing. From this came the idea that things are knowable only by contrasting and comparing them to their complementary opposite. This lead to an entire personailty theory and a new scientific method.

Who Is This Site For?

The Emergence Site has one purpose, to make a positive difference in people's lives. Steven believes the best way to do this is to teach people to see their own nature, rather than to try to get them to imitate "normal." No one can be happy trying to be something they're not. Teaching people to imitate normal is worse than being in prison. This especially applies to people with one of the four autisms: Classic Autism, OCD, Aspegrer's, and ADHD. All four are are treated as minority personalities, rather than as brokenness. Here, a person is never asked to give up his or her own nature. Rather they learn how their nature and mainstream natures differ. Or as Robert Heinlein might have said, they learn to live in a foreign land, speaking a second language, and learning a second culture.

What Do We Do Here?

Even a brief read of this page's menus shows a broad range of topics. Everything from teaching and talk therapy to a new scientific method. Mostly though, it all comes back to the same two events; startles and epiphanies. Or submergences and emergences, to use our words.

The thing is, emergences are much more than just moments in which you heal a wound. Emergences are also moments in which you learn something new. Permanently, learn. For life. They're also the moments in which scientists make discoveries. And they're also the moments in which meditators become more conscious, enemies forgive, and people fall in love.

Are you beginning to see why this site is called, the Emergence Site?"