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"Uncomplicated Conversations"

Exploring the Message not the Messenger

Emergence seesaw

As you can see from the home page, this site covers a lot of ground, things as diverse as what leads to addictions and eating disorders to the very nature of human consciousness and love itself. Sound overwhelming? Skeptical? I don't blame you. I've been up a lot of dead ends myself. Let me just start with this: Emergence as a Therapy is real. And I am so certain that it is that I openly welcome whatever challenges you may make, as long as they are loving challenges, that is. What do I mean by "loving challenges"?

One of my heroes is Carl Jung. I read once that he and Sigmund Freud traveled to the US early in the twentieth century. While here, Jung got to visit an ill and aging William James, by some considered the father of American Psychology. Afterwards, Jung commented that he had experienced a very rare and wonderful occurrence; he had had an "uncomplicated conversation."

What did he mean by "uncomplicated?" I will never be certain. But I have come to believe he meant that he and William James exchanged ideas without having to first prove they were qualified to voice such opinions. They discussed the messages without belittling the messengers.

I long for such conversations, especially if they may produce new and better ways to help the world to heal its wounds.

What exactly is on this site? Honestly, just a lot of "door openers," a lot of ideas and findings which I hope may inspire those more qualified by specialty to explore our world in new and more universal ways.

What are some of these "door openers?" For one thing, that underlying all injury to human beings is a single, simple, three part pattern of experience. This three part pattern of experience is responsible for all of the wounds we incur to our personalities. And to our bodies as well.

All? Did I say "all?" Yes, all. And yes, I realize how big this "all" is. Just the same, in the thousands of cases I and my colleagues have explored, we have not found one instance in which the suffering did not stem from the person having experienced this pattern.

What is this pattern of experience? Hyperawareness (or what I call "trance,") being startled, and shock. This is it, the essential theoretical foundation of all that is contained on this site.

Sound too simple to be true? Again, if this is how you feel, I very much understand. Before rejecting this theory, though, please explore the articles on the site, especially the stories and conversations. After all, if this is truly the pattern underlying all human injury, perhaps you can see that it is a simple step up from there to being able to more directly find and heal our injuries.

What are some of the specifics you will find here? For one thing, several years worth of work in and around eating, food and weight, including several studies. What have we found? For one thing, that peoples' weight is never just a number, but rather a range with a floor and ceiling. Understanding how weight varies within and outside of these ranges offers clues as to how to use the already good information we have discovered in new ways, ways with which we could better manage our bodies. More important, Emergence as a Therapy offers ways to find and heal the injuries people have in and around eating and weight, with the potential to make managing our bodies a joy rather than a burden.

What else is here? For one thing, much information in around how we humans learn, including many instances wherein people have healed serious learning disabilities. In fact, one very brilliant and enthusiastic young English teacher is already using emergence to develop his own program for teaching English. He calls this application, "Eventful Emergence," and the successes he has had with his students are very encouraging.

What else? My favorite, of course, is teaching people to reclaim their abilities to genuinely love others, their parents, for instance. For most, this is a real miracle. Yet in this case, I, myself, am one of those in this group, and if you had asked me if this was possible for me even just a few years ago, I would have replied, "not even close." Today, I consider my relationships with my father, mother, sisters and son among the best gifts I have ever received. In fact, let me share one of my most treasured moments from this recovery.

My father and much of my family live 800 miles away from me. I visit each Christmas and look forward to these visits all year. Several years ago, on one of these visits, my father and I went out early in the day to get a part for one of their computers. By the way, did I tell you he is eighty three?

Anyway, my father is a crusty old, popeye-armed Navy man who stills works on his yard full of cars and trucks every morning. And he would be the first one to tell you, he has little formal education. Why tell you this? Because when we arrived at the computer store and found we had arrived an hour before it opened, my father suggested we spend the hour looking around Barnes and Noble.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. He has never ever done such a thing as far as I know, not with me nor with anyone else. But I wasn't about to question this windfall and we soon were off, each wandering down the book aisles.

I assumed he had gone to the cars and trucks sections looking for a new repair manual or something like that. I, of course, was in the spiritual-people-love and healing section <grin>. Not much later, though, he came up to me and asked me what I thought of the book he had in his hand. To my surprise, it was a book of poetry! My father with a book of poetry! I was stunned.

Quickly seizing the opportunity, I dragged him by the hand back to the poetry section and pulled from the shelves a book by my favorite poet, Rumi. Then I took both books and promptly paid for both.

As we walked out, my father again stunned me. He asked me to sign the books to him. My eyes filled as we walked to the car. And as if this wasn't already enough of a Christmas present, when we arrived home and as I worked on his computer, he came into the room carrying an old yellowed book with a tattered maroon leather cover. He told me he had had this book most of his life and that he liked the poems in it so much that he used to read them to his fellow shipmates during the war.

How had this incredible gem of his character stayed hidden from everyone for all my life? And what had happened between us for him to trust me with this? Honestly, I will never know for sure. I only know that my work in and around emergence has been the stage on which it all happened.

I wish these miracles for everyone. And this site is my way of trying to begin the process. Please come and join me in what has to be the very best work a person could ever do: teaching people to reclaim their lost abilities to love, every thing and every one, injury by injury.

May we all, together, make this difference.


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