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Knowing Who We Are

the Emergence Explorer

Questions for the Week of October 23, 2006

Emergence Character Type Babies 9-AI-2

This Week's Questions

[posed by Gary S.]
  • How is not understanding "who we are" painful?
  • Why are we programmed to need personality theories?
  • Is it possible that we "exist spiritually" BEFORE conception?

Do you know?

[Question 1] Why are we programmed to need personality theories? (Introduction to Layers of Aloneness)
Great question, Gary. And one of the more important questions anyone looking to know themselves could ask.

So why do we need personality theories? Very simply, because we have needs. And because we cannot hope to fill these needs without first understanding them.

In other words, we need personality theories because we need to understand both our needs and the needs of others in order to fill these needs.

We also need personality theories because we need to communicate our needs to others. And help others to meet their needs as well.

Taking this a step further, we also need personality theories in order to try to understand what keeps us from meeting our needs when they are unmet.

So how does Emergence Personality Theory answer these questions? We offer a visual map with which people can determine both their needs and what prevents them from seeing these needs. How? Here are but a few ways in which we help people to see and meet their needs. We teach people to...

  • Make Connecting (being in Layers 9 and 10) More Important Than Information (everything which happens in other than Layers 9 and 10).
  • Remember that BLocked Needs Cause Symptoms, and Unaddressed Symptoms Cause Blame.
  • Remember that Blame Blocks Connection and so, Blame Causes More Unmet Needs. And so on.

All this said, perhaps it was Socrates who best answered your question when he said, "the unexamined life is not worth living." Personality theories help us to examine our lives.

[Question 2] How is not understanding who we are, i.e. personality theories, painful? (Introduction to Layers of Aloneness)
Consider what first year of life babies live like. They live in a constant state of need. And even with doting parents, do all of a baby's needs get met? Not according to them. How do we know? They frequently complain about unmet needs.

So if a baby has doting parents ready to meet these needs, what is the problem then?

The problem is, babies cannot yet identify, let alone communicate, their needs.

Now imagine how painful this must feel to them. Suffering with no words to describe it, let alone words which might help them to connect to their care givers.

Gary, this pain is at the core of what we feel when we do not understand ourselves.

Personality Theories give us some words with which we can try to connect to our care givers. Including to ourselves when we need be our own care givers.

[Question 3] If a pregnant woman can be thought of as being "one being that is two beings"; a "two that are one," how then does this effect the question of "when life begins?" Does it for instance answer the question as to whether abortion is murder? (Introduction to Layers of Aloneness)
In one sense, yes it does, although the answer implied here is more a Layer 2 answer than anything resembling the deeply meaningful answer this question actually deserves. In fact, even though this theory implies at least a logical answer, I'm not sure this logical answer offers any help at all. Why not? According to Emergence Personality Theory, in utero, we have a two layer personality. Thus, we could say that an unborn baby has a personality.

Translation. Having a "person-ality" means you are a person. Thus, an unborn baby is a "person."

Even if we are correct in this though, the question remains, at what point does this two layer personality form? At conception? At week eight? At the moment just before the moment the baby physically separates from the mother?

In reality, Gary, we can only hypothesize. And in our theory, we hypothesize that a baby's two layer personality forms at the instant of conception.

On the other hand, we have no proof this is true. Only our theory.

Fortunately, this vagueness changes markedly in the instant of physical separation, after which we can find empirical evidence which substantiates our theory that personality is formed, developmentally, in layers. Moreover, while Emergence Personality Theory does not empirically answer the abortion question, The Layers of Aloneness at least organizes human nature into clearly understandable layers. Which in the end, may help people to address this question with love and connection rather than with the usual hatred.

[Question 4] If someone is experiencing "the conscious experience of aloneness" (connectedness?) and they are not connected to anyone else, must they necessarily be connected to the Divine, e.g. via music, art, meditation or nature? What are other "expressions of the divine" that we can perceive, access, and connect to?
Let me start by clarifying your statement. "The conscious experience of aloneness" is not "connectedness." Rather, it is the experience of consciously witnessing separation, as in the "disconnected state." In this state then, we are not connected to anyone or to anything, people, place, or thing.

To offer some kind of an answer though, no, it is not necessarily true that if you are aware of your state, that you are connected to anything. It is quite possible however to be disconnected from people while being connected to the divine. In fact, I would assume that many famous painters, musicians, healers and mystics lived a good portion of their lives in this exact state.

As for some other "expressions of the divine" which we can perceive, access, and connect to, the most obvious one is the emergence of delight. This experience IS the experience of connecting to the divine.

As for some concrete examples, here are but a few:

  • witnessing the birth of a baby horse (Layers 10 and 9)
  • sensing the magic in the Mona Lisa's eyes (Layers 10 and 9)
  • handing candy to a wide eyed three year old in a Halloween superman costume (Layers 10 and 9)
  • hearing an emergency room doctor tell you your child is going to live (Layers 10 and 9)

So what made me pick events which involve both Layer 10 and 9? For humans, these dual connections provoke the most powerful images of connection. Why? Because we are both human and divine. Which leads right into your next question.

[Question 5] The article claims that "we exist spiritually from the moment of conception, though not scientifically proven to most people." To whom IS it scientifically provable? How is it provable to anyone? Where is the proof? And is it possible that we "exist spiritually" BEFORE conception, but that we connect to, or enter our bodies upon the first inspiration of breath? (Layers of Aloneness - Layer 9)
Gary, has anyone ever told you, you're a really deep thinker? In fact, these questions are so deep, I'm not even sure I can answer them, especially the first part of your question; "To whom IS it scientifically provable that we exist spiritually from the moment of conception? How is it provable to anyone? Where's the proof?"

The proof lies entirely in the Consciousness Formula; M=I(T). Where? In how this formula reveals the essence of our world, including everything in it. In other words, the Consciousness Formula uses three variables to entirely describe, scientifically and spiritually, the nature of everything in our world including birth.

How then does it address this question, meaning, where does it prove that the "two that are one" begins at conception? The answer lies in how we define one of these three variables; the "Information variable."

How do we define it? As the sum of all we sense in our world, the entirety of what informs us we exist. More important, rather than parrot sciences' attitude that you should believe in only what you can measure, we divide " Information" into two equal halves; the half you can actually or potentially measure (the "what you can see" half) and the half you can never actually of potentially measure (the "what you cannot see" half).

In other words, we assume that life and everything in our Universe is composed of equal halves of both matter and spirit. And should these two words put you off, then try the "physical world" and the "beyond our physical world." In other words, the Newtonian / Einsteinean world and the world beyond our theoretically measurable world. This extends from the world of non locality at the scale of quantum particles to the world wherein light itself ceases to exists, the world of black holes.

So what exactly is in these two worlds; in the "physical world" and the "non physical" worlds?

What is in our physical world is obvious. Everything we can actually or potentially see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, whether with or without aids. Surprisingly, what is in the non physical world is just as obvious. Everything we can feel, intuit, emote, and experience but never actually measure.

Love, hate, jealousy and lust. Non physical world. Big Macs, molecules, toilet paper, what goes on the toilet paper. Physical world.

The trick, of course, is to see these two worlds as both coexisting in the same space and time, rather than as two separate but overlapping things. Unfortunately, proving this true in the space of a paragraph or two would require I was the next Dalai Lama. Not likely.

To say something about it though, try this. Try imagining anything which can physically evoke sensation in us and which does not evoke a non physical reaction. The truth, This is just not possible. In our world, anyway. This means as soon as something exists in our world, it has both a body and a spirit.

As for whether a spirit can exist without a body as in existing before conception, Gary, you'll have to wait for the big one to get the answer to that question. My personal belief. It does. Then again, you asked for proof, and for this one, I have no proof. Just a physical and spiritual reaction to the image of the idea.

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