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Tragedy and Momentum Learning

the Emergence Explorer

Questions for the Week of March 19, 2007

Emergence Character Type Babies 9-AI-2

This Week's Questions

[posed by Inetta C.]
  • How does shock affect Momentum Learning?
  • Do people respond to tragedy via Momentum Learning?
  • How does Momentum Learning affect a person's Character Type?

Do you know?

Hi John!! Greetings and love to the rest of the family. I look forward to meeting your new addition. What is his name? Aiden? Sorry for the delay in my homework. I've recently returned from vacation and I'm a bit overwhelmed. As you might be aware, today is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. My questions are emerging in me as I'm watching a documentary on this tragedy. It's interesting that I want to believe that there is more information, things which will give me some sense of why so many people had to suffer. Ironically, it seems, the only information I see seems focused on who to blame (e.g. the president, the governor of New Orleans. etc.).

[Question 1] In relation to our last Emergence group and Momentum Learning, I'm wondering how Information influences the degree to which we learn from one experience to the next.
Start with that we experience Information in three different ways; as External Information; as Internal Information, and as Shared Information. Let's start then by defining these three states, beginning with that all three states refer to how we perceive Information and not that there are three different kinds of Information.

External Information, then, is the information we perceive as coming from outside of our minds. Thus, while we could put into this category the obvious things we see and hear from others, we could also include things like what our own hands sense and what our own stomachs feel.

In other words, External Information is simply the information we sense from outside our minds. Including what our own bodies sense. In a way, this is similar to how the CPU chip in a PC is the mind and everything else which surrounds this chip is the peripheral PC body.

Internal Information then is what we sense from within our minds. Literally, this may be based on some actual reality or not. Thus walking on a beach could generate both External Information and Internal Information. The sensations of the beach and sky and thoughts and feelings of being on this beach under this sky.

Finally, Shared Information is what we sense as being created by the actual experience of being connected to someone or to something. Moreover, as Emergence Personality Theory posits two types of connections; Layer 10 (people and the Divine connections), and Layer 9 (people and people connections), both connections generate this kind of information.

Using our beach example then, walking on this beach might generate both types of connections. A connection to the spiritual beauty in the world (Layer 10) and a connection to the beautiful couple who passes by you hand in hand (Layer 9).

Bringing this all back to your questions, how Information influences the degree to which we learn from one experience to the next, I'd say it is the essence of what we learn. Moreover, we could say that Momentum Learning is rooted in one or both of the first two kinds of Information States, whereas Learning by Emergence and Learning by Extension are rooted in all three states.

Said in simpler terms, in order to retain what we learn, we must experience the Information in this learning in all three states; Externally, Internally, and Shared (experienced in a state of connection). Which is what makes having a good teacher so important. Only good teachers know to make connecting more important than information. Which, ironically is what allows us to learn any and all Information.

[Question 2] When tragedies like Katrina have happened, were there similarities in how they were addressed by the leaders of those times?
As a personality theorist, I'd say there must have been similarities. Human nature is, after all, fractal. However, as I am not at all a historian in any sense of the word, I'd have to say I'm much too ignorant to speak on this with any authority.

[Question 3] Do people respond to tragedy via Momentum Learning?
This is a very, very astute observation, Netta. Yes. This is precisely what most folks do. Which is one of the main reasons we call what we do in those situations, "damage control." Thus the essence of what we do in emergency situations stems from the Momentum Learning of past survival experiences, even if this momentum started man years prior.

In other words, whenever we face a situation wherein we need to do "damage control," our behavior is more or less repeats something we did to survive in the past rather than something we think up in the present.

This differs markedly from Learning by Emergence and Learning by Extension in that in both of these cases, what we do never repeats the same way twice. Why? Because real learning is always fractal.

What I'm saying is, since we define real world truth as anything fractal, and since we define "fractals" as "recognizable patterns which always repeat differently," real learning will always repeat differently.

Bringing this back to how people respond to tragedy, real love is action based on real learning, and real learning is always fractal. Responding to tragedy with real love then requires we have learned how to give love in real, authentic ways. Even in emergency situations.

[Question 4] How does shock affect Momentum Learning?
Shock prevents Momentum Learning, by slowing one's momentum down to a crawl. In some cases, it can even create a backward momentum, something akin to sliding backwards when trying to climb uphill.

What I'm saying is, while Learning by Momentum is never permanent, it can put one in position to Learn by Emergence. Shock, on the other hand, is like the anti momentum in that it puts one in position to come to a dead stop. This is why realizing you are in a dead stop gets you out of it. why? Because realizing that you are blank is the exit door from shock.

[Question 5] How does Momentum Learning affect a person's Character Type?
Wow. What a question. How does Momentum Learning affect a person's Character Type? I'm not sure I've asked myself this before. Off the top of my head, what I can talk about though is the reverse question; how a person's Character Type affects their ability to Learn by Momentum.

To see this, let's start with you and your Character Type, a Character Type Two. You, by nature feel urges to give, this both in and out of classrooms. How would this affect your ability to gain momentum in a classroom? In some ways, it would interfere with it, as teachers tend to try to give students information.

When this happens, it might feel like they were trying to make your river flow upstream. Giving to a giver, so to speak. On the other hand, if you could see how your giving attention to your teachers is the best gift you could give them, then it might all work out fine.

Now let's consider your wonderful husband, Ed. Ed as you well know, is a card carrying Three. Which means his river flows in the direction of receiving. At least, at first. This means he'd be in an easier position, by nature, to receive the information a teacher is giving, as their giving would fit his receiving.

Know however that this good fit would also depend on whether the information being given was something he wanted to learn. As opposed to what the teacher wanted to teach.

What I'm saying is, if the information he as getting was in line with what he wanted to learn, then his Character Type would augment his natural ability to Learn by Momentum. However, if the teacher was teaching him a subject which he found to be of no use, then his Character Type would make it hard for him to learn, by adding to his pressure and therefore, decreasing his ability to Learn by Momentum.

In these ways then, we could say that a person's Character Type largely affects their natural ability to learn by Momentum. However, this will also be greatly affected by how the person interprets what is being given. And received.

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