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No Parroting Allowed!

Learning Emergence by Asking Questions

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Ergonomic Consciousness
for Desk Bound Writers

Questions for the Week of August 7, 2006

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When asked, "how do you best learn?" most people usually respond with either a technique, like, "in a classroom," or by naming their favorite sense, like, "I learn best visually." Unfortunately, this implies most people define "learning" as the ability to parrot the correct answer.

What is wrong with this? We believe that "parroting the correct answer" creates parrots, not students; dullards, not Einsteins. So how can we create more Einsteins? By asking questions which are intended to provoke the student's own questions. More important, we see this as the best way with which to reawaken in students the love of learning.

This week's topic is, "Ergonomic Consciousness for Desk Bound Writers." Would you like to actually awaken your love of learning about this topic? You can, simply by reading the teacher's questions and then, by asking yourself, "what questions did these words just provoke in me?"

"Ergonomic Consciousness for Desk Bound Writers."

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Teacher's Questions (asked by Steven)

  • Is there a common sitting position in which people incur injuries?
  • Are people, when seated, usually less conscious in the upper body or lower body?
  • How seriously does peoples' age affect their degree of discomfort?
  • Does peoples' eye level affect their creative ability?
  • What Layers do body discomfort affect?
  • Can Direct Emergence resolve proprioceptive malalignments, meaning, can people emerge from life long bad sitting habits?
  • If so, what would be an example of both a bad habit and a possible emergence goal?
  • Is stretching before sitting a good idea?
  • Which muscles should one focus on stretching in order to optimize one's consciousness?
  • How much does breath play a part in healthy sitting?
  • Does blankness while moving shoulders indicate a BLock?
  • How high should a mouse pad be in relationship to a desktop?
  • Does proper light play a part in the body's alignment?

Possible Student Response Questions (asked by Steven)

[1] Can Tai Chi be used to counteract desk bound discomfort? If so, when and how?

[2] What is the easiest way to discover "bad sitting habits?" Pain? Blankness? Writer's Block? And how could I use this knowledge to be a better therapist to my clients?

[3] Where should my shoulders be in relation to my neck? My head? My knees? Does my eye level affect my authority as a teacher?

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