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No Parroting Allowed!

Learning Emergence by Asking Questions

Emergence Group Babies

"Character Types Out in Life"

Questions for the Week of May 14, 2007

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When asked, "how do you best learn?" most people usually respond with either a technique, like "in a classroom," or by naming their favorite sense, like "I learn best visually." Unfortunately, this implies that most people define "learning" as the ability to parrot the correct answer.

What is wrong with this? "Parroting the correct answer" creates parrots, not students; dullards, not Einsteins. So how can we create more Einsteins? By asking questions which are intended to provoke the student's own questions. More important, this turns out to be the best way in which to reawaken in students their lost love of learning.

This week, our topic is "Character Types." Would you like to awaken a love of learning in you about this topic? You can, simply by reading the teacher's questions and then, by asking yourself, "what questions did these words just provoke in me?"

"Character Types"

The Teacher's Questions (asked by Steven)

  • Do romantic relationships always occur between people whose Character Types begin in the opposite Character State?
  • Do friendships always occur between people whose Character Types begin in the same Character State?
  • Do children usually feel safer with the friend parent or the parent parent?
  • Do children usually feel more at ease with the friend parent or with the parent parent?
  • Can a person's Character Type ever change? Can it ever regress? Can it even evolve?
  • How does Character Type affect how people experience their Social Priorities?
  • Do certain Social Priorities ever change?
  • How often do Social Priorities and Character Types invert?
  • Can only one invert and the other remain normal?

Sample Student Response Questions (asked by John)

  • Can practicing a martial art strengthen or clarify a person's Character Type?
  • Are certain Character Types more attracted to Aikido and Tai Chi than to Kung Fu and Kick Boxing?
  • Do certain Character Types tend to like solitary sports more than team sports?
  • Would using peoples' Character Types and Social Priorities enable better choices as far as positions in team sports?
  • Do Social Priorities more affect career choices in general then Character Types?
  • Are people who know about Character Types less likely to blame others?
  • Are people who know about Social Priorities better managers?
  • Can there ever be a person who is a Character Type One in a helping profession? Can they possibly do a good job? Can they ever feel compassion?

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