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No Parroting Allowed!

Learning Emergence by Asking Questions

Emergence Group Babies

"Questions Talk Therapists Might Ask"

Questions for the Week of July 23, 2007

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When asked, "how do you best learn?" most people usually respond with either a technique, like "in a classroom," or by naming their favorite sense, like "I learn best visually." Unfortunately, this implies that most people define "learning" as the ability to parrot the correct answer.

What is wrong with this? "Parroting the correct answer" creates parrots, not students; dullards, not Einsteins. So how can we create more Einsteins? By asking questions which are intended to provoke the student's own questions. More important, this turns out to be the best way in which to reawaken in students their lost love of learning.

This week, our topic is "Questions Talk Therapists Might Ask." Would you like to awaken a love of learning in you about this topic? You can, simply by reading the teacher's questions and then, by asking yourself, "what questions did these words just provoke in me?"

"Questions Talk Therapists Might Ask"

The Teacher's Questions

  • Did anything ever hurt you? When it did, did you had choices? If so, can you picture any of these choices?
  • Do you hate anything? Vegetables to people? Can you picture a time you did not hate this person, place, or thing?
  • How smart are you? Do you feel smart for your age? Did you like being in school ever? Did you lose this love?
  • What do you think happens to us when we die? Do you fear losing your parents? Have you ever lost someone close?
  • Have you ever had a pet die? Do you have a pet now? Do you find it hard to find the time to give your pet love?
  • How do you feel about weighing yourself in front of people? Would you die if I asked you to do this now?
  • Do you feel your age? Do you feel much older? Do you fear getting older? Do you fear getting sick?
  • Has anyone in your family ever gotten cancer? Do you worry you will get what other family members got?
  • What is the first picture that comes to mind when I ask you to picture love? Hate? Sadness? Aloneness?
  • How do you get along with family members? Is there anyone you cannot seem to connect well with?

Sample Student Response Questions

  • Do you feel any sensation in your lower body? In your feet? In your legs? In your hips or back?
  • Is there anywhere in your body that you feel tightness? In your chest? In your cheeks? In your forehead? In your mouth?
  • Are you feeling tired before you go to bed? Do you notice when this tiredness starts?
  • Do you feel food going from your mouth into your body? Do you ever stop eating when you've had enough taste?
  • Is the a movement or position that you fear putting yourself in? Can you remember a time when this did not frighten you?
  • How do you feel about reading? How would you feel if I asked you to read aloud right now?
  • How well do you write when you feel angry? Have you ever kept a journal and did you ever learn from it? If so, what?
  • Are you good at math? Do you shy away from it? How well do you do at managing money? Are you in debt?
  • Can you remember a first day of school at any age? Can you remember seeing one of your parents there?
  • Do you have a best friend? How often do you talk? Do you struggle to socialize at parties?

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