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No Parroting Allowed!

Learning Emergence by Asking Questions

Emergence Group Babies

"Questions My Therapist Should Ask Me"

Questions for the Week of August 6, 2007

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When asked, "how do you best learn?" most people usually respond with either a technique, like "in a classroom," or by naming their favorite sense, like "I learn best visually." Unfortunately, this implies that most people define "learning" as the ability to parrot the correct answer.

What is wrong with this? "Parroting the correct answer" creates parrots, not students; dullards, not Einsteins. So how can we create more Einsteins? By asking questions which are intended to provoke the student's own questions. More important, this turns out to be the best way in which to reawaken in students their lost love of learning.

This week, our topic is "Questions I Wish my Therapist Would Ask Me." Would you like to awaken a love of learning in you about this topic? You can, simply by reading the teacher's questions and then, by asking yourself, "what questions did these words just provoke in me?"

"Questions My Therapist Should Ask Me"

The Teacher's Questions

  • Do you feel ashamed because you have prejudices?
  • Does your lack of sexual confidence confuse you?
  • Do you worry what you choose to eat will cause you to get cancer?
  • Have you ever wished you married someone else?
  • What do you picture when you pray? Do you have a picture for God?
  • What makes you most afraid? Being left? Being loved? Being needed? Not being needed?
  • Do you have a friend who is not really your friend?
  • Have you ever been betrayed by someone like this?
  • Do you think your parents wanted you? Do you think the ever regretted you were born?
  • Did your father ever cheat on your mother? Did you hate him for this?

Sample Student Response Questions

  • Have you ever been laughed at for doing something stupid? For making a mistake? For being yourself?
  • Is there something you have never told anyone? Feelings? Thoughts? An event? A dream?
  • Has there ever been a dream which you have had more than once? A theme which repeated in your dreams?
  • Was there ever a time when you feared you had cancer? What provoked this fear in you?
  • Do you ever secretly eat food which others would disapprove of? Do you wish you were free of this fear?
  • Was there ever a time when you wanted to run away? Did you feel you were a coward for feeling this?
  • Have you ever sucked at sports so badly you cringed inside? Did you face this feeling or deny it?
  • Did your father and mother both actually love you or did they simply do "the best they could?"
  • Have you ever wished someone would die so you could gain something? A promotion? A revenge? Freedom from fear?
  • Have you ever suspected you were mentally ill? What thoughts or feelings provoked this fear?

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