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What Makes Inspiration Fade? (brief version)

Thoughts on Stephen Covey, Tony Robbins,
and Other Inspiring Men and Women

What keeps us from following good advice? Often, even inspiring advice fails. So why does this happen? It turns out we are affected by two kinds of inspiration, not just one. More over, there is something which actually prevents us from seeing the second kind. Exploring these ideas as to why inspiration fades is the point of this article. Please know, this article is actually a brief version of an longer article. You'll find a ink for this longer article at the bottom of the page.

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What Makes Inspiration Fade?

BLocked choices. Invisible scenarios. Logical possibilities that have yet to emerge as visual possibilities..

blocked choices

Does the Fault Lie with the Messages or Messengers? Is This Why Inspiration Fades?

No. The messages, and the messengers, are wonderful. It is simply that our natural access, our visual access, to these particular choices is BLocked.

What Makes Something Inspire Us?

In a word, "connection." Thus, whenever someone inspiring gets us to temporarily see their visions, we get to see past our BLocked choices and see what for them have become natural choices, while for us, they remain logical choices.

inspired choices

a blue head with feet

Spiritual Pessimism. Is This What Makes Inspiration Fade?

No. But spiritual pessimism can discourage us from looking for inspiration, or make us prematurely dismiss genuine inspiration.

heart on wheels

What Makes Some Inspiring Moments Affect Us Differently?

Some inspiring moments fade soon after we feel them. Other inspiring moments last for the rest of our lives.

Inspiring moments which last for the rest of our lives last because we have gained natural access to some previously BLocked choices. In my language, these choices have emerged into our visual consciousness as an infinitely beautiful range of possibilities.

Choices inspired by our own inspiring moments ...

(choices which have emerged in us)

choices after an emergence

Inspiring moments which only temporarily affect us fade because we have yet to heal what BLocks our natural access to these choices.

Choices inspired by other peoples' inspiring moments ...

(choices which have emerged in them)

Choices inspired by others

character type 1 and 2 babies

So What is a Blameless Choice?

Essentially, it is that our own natural ability to make better choices has emerged in us, an ability we can use without once feeling the need to describe or explain our previous inability to make these choices. Moreover, our access to these choices is permanent and explanation free.

character type 1 and 2 babies

the Difference Between "Natural Choices" and "Synthetic Choices"

"Natural choices" are those choices we can access naturally, without effort.

Choices we have permanent access to ... (our natural choices)

choices after an emergence

"Synthetic choices" are those choices in which we imitate what it would be like to be able to access choices naturally, without effort.

Choices we can temporarily access while inspired by someone else's access ...
(our "inspired" synthetic choices)

Choices inspired by others

And after the inspiration fades ...
(our "will powered" synthetic choices)

choices after inspiration fades

character type 2 and 3 babies

Stephen's Covey's Emergence: Was This the Source of His Inspiration?

Yes. And his most quoted inspiring moment is the one he had in the library in Hawaii, wherein what he read in a book so inspired him he became able to naturally access the following:

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In these choices lie our growth and our happiness. Since then, I've come to believe that the size of this space [the "space" being where the choice exists] is largely determined by our genetic or biological inheritance and by our upbringing and present circumstances.

choices per Steven Covey

So how can we access Stephen Covey's good advice? By adding to his good advice that we ourselves must experience in the same manner as Stephen Covey experienced this good advice; in a flash of insight; as an emergence.

character type 1 and 2 babies

Tony Robbins' Emergence: Was This the Source of His Inspiration?

Yes. And his most quoted inspiring moment is the moment in he was so inspired by Neil Diamond's lyrics that his ability to see his own power to choose emerged in him.

I know I'm much more than I'm demonstrating mentally, emotionally, and physically in my life. I made a decision in that moment which was to alter my life forever. I decided to change virtually every aspect of my life.

Choices per Tony Robbins

So how can we access Tony Robbins' good advice? By adding to his good advice that we ourselves must experience in the same manner as Tony Robbins experienced this good advice; in a flash of insight; as an emergence.

character type 2 and 3 babies

So What Happens to People in These Inspiring Moments?

People gain natural access to effortless choices. In essence, our access to these natural choices emerges.

choices after an emergence

character type 3 and 4 babies

So What Makes Inspiration Fade?

"BLocks." And when inspiration fades, it means our natural choices were, and still are, BLocked.

More over, because our natural choices are BLocked, we fake it, by making synthetic choices, choices which we synthesize from some combination of our own logic and life experience, and other people's logic and life experience.

"Logical" Synthetic Choices ...

Blocked Choices per emergence

"Inspired" Synthetic Choices ...

inspired synthetic choices

"Will Powered" Synthetic Choices ...

choices after inspiration fades

However, when we emerge from a BLock, we regain natural access to those previously BLocked choices.

Natural Choices ...

natural choices

character type 2 and 3 babies

So Do I Expect You to Believe Me?

So, do I expect you to now believe me, that BLocks are what makes inspiration fade?

Honestly. I hope you do not.

Why say such a strange thing?

Because as I have been telling you, adopting a new view, especially a new view about something as important as what makes inspiration fade, requires you have the same inspiring moment happen to you as has happened to me.

Likewise, if you want to be like the men and women who inspire you, you literally have to be inspired by your own inspiring moments, moments which mirror their inspiring moments.

How do we know where to look for these choices? We look for the things we have been unable to picture.

Then what?

Then we do the work to heal whatever blocks our access to these choices.

And afterwards?

Afterwards, you will become permanently able to picture these new good choices. More over, picturing these choices will be effortless and inspiring.

Finally, once you've bee inspired in this way, you will then feel inspired to pass to others what you've discovered, and to encourage others to have these same inspiring moments for themselves.

Now isn't this exactly what Stephen Covey is urging us to do in his recent book?

Can I be wrong? Of course I can. However, before you write off this idea, I would ask that you consider where both men start off their books. They start with the events which inspired them to change. I would also ask you to consider how much of what they then write about has anything at all to do with how to have these inspiring moments. And how their not focusing on how to have these moments will prevent many inspired people from actually following their wonderful advice.

Finally, I hope that I've in some small way, I've peaked your curiosity as to whether or not BLocks really exist. Hopefully, you'll take some time to check this idea out for yourself. More over, should you want my help with where to start, you have but to ask. In fact, the whole reason I've put up this site is to help people to find their BLocks and to inspire others to find theirs.

What I'm saying is, my whole reason for building this site is to help people to learn how to have the good in life emerge in the, not just by will, logic, or by accident but though real, natural choices. Hopefully, this site can help you to do just this.

As for me, I admit I continue to need others to inspire me, as in no way do I feel I am "baked" as yet. Even so, where I used to wish for the day when I could say I my work on myself was done, I now look forward to the work yet to come. Especially to the choices I have yet to discover.

I also look forward to meeting more inspiring men and women, who like me, love being inspired and helping others to feel the same.

And on this note, I'll leave you with my wish for you.

May you live an inspiring life.


The Choices We Have Yet to Discover ...

blocked choices

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