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Doing Cycles of Three (self emergence)

A Quick Summary

emergence therapy psychological wounds

Main Points on This Quick List

[1] picture who or what you see as the cause of your suffering AND while holding this picture, internally hear yourself say only, "I know it's not you (that is causing my pain)";
[2] internally sense your age by asking yourself, "how old do I feel right now?" Now, internally hear only a number, nothing more;
[3] check inside yourself for your spiritual state by asking yourself, "what emotions am I feeling right now?" Now, internally hear only the words needed to name your emotions, nothing more.

Now, repeat these three steps until a scene emerges. That's all there is to it.

Words and Phrases to Pay Attention To

(they've been redefined to reflect Emergence Personality Theory)
picture your suffering, sensing the number of your age, naming your emotions

9 emergence character type babies
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Quick List With Examples

[1] Picture the Person You See as Responsible and Say: "I Know It's Not You"

  • The goal of this first step is twofold: to set your internal stage and to set aside blame.
  • You begin this step by picturing the person, place, or thing you believe is causing your suffering.
  • If you believe this is a specific person, try picturing this person's face, especially this person's eyes.
  • If the "place" or "thing" is an institution, like a school or a government agency, or a specific activity, like vacuuming or paying bills, picture the person who represents this school or agency or the person responsible for instituting this activity into your life.

[2] Ask Yourself: "How Old Do I Feel Right Now?" Hear Only a Number

  • The goal of this second step is to gain conscious access to your physical body, by using your mind to sense your age.
  • You do this by asking your inner self how old you feel as you experience this pain.
  • In a way, all you are trying to accomplish here is to internally hear how old you were when you first experienced this particular suffering.
  • you ask only for a number as this is the kind of question a young child would get asked (How old are you?").

[3] Ask Yourself: "What Emotions Am I Feeling Right Now?" Hear One Word Answers

  • The goal of this third step is to gain conscious access to your spiritual body, by using your heart to sense your emotions.
  • For the most part, you simply use one word answers to name your emotions (i.e. "scared," "angry," "confused," "happy," "frustrated," "frozen," "numb," or "annoyed," etc.)
  • Answers which use several words to describe a scene for which you have no "feelings" words are also fine (i.e. I feel like I am about to die" or, "I feel like running away" or, "I feel like killing him.")
  • In effect, you are simply witnessing your emotional state consciously.
  • As with the previous step, you ask the question in this form as it is the type of a question a young child might be asked.
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