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Connecting to People in Business Relationships

Using Emergence and the Universal Principles of Connecting

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Business relationships are typically reserved and careful. This makes connecting to people difficult at best. Emergence offers alternatives to this professional distance, alternatives with which people can maintain professional standards and yet, still allow people to personally connect. The form these alternatives take is The Emergence Six Universal Principles listed below, each of which derive from emergence as a therapy.

Emergence Universal Principles of Connecting


"The meeting begins only when everyone "arrives."
(Connecting not only leads to wealth, it is wealth.)

Only Experience Teaches

"The order people usually teach in is: facts, principles, experience.
The only true order for teaching is: experience, principles, facts."
(Connecting begins only when you experience the picture together.)

Augment Don't Compete
"Add to the good which is already there, rather than finding fault."
("Ands" connect; "Buts" butt heads.)

Too Much Information

"There will always be "too much information."
(If you bury someone in good information, you've still buried them,
and no one can connect to a person who is buried in data.)


"Always know the size of you and your client's containers."
(Always know the limits of what you and they can experience.)

Make Universal Investments

"Universal Investments always satisfy both bosses."
(Honor both the "head" and the "heart."
This connection is the Universal connection which leads to