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The Emergence Time Consciousness Health Test

Which Do you Normally Use?

This simple test reveals peoples' default state of time consciousness, whether pre or post seven years old.
Neither state is unhealthy or wrong, but not seeing one can mean you struggle in certain life areas.

The Time Consciousness Health Test, per Emergence Personality Theory

The "Emergence" Time Consciousness Health Test

What you see in the diagram above is a simple way to test your default time consciousness orientation, whether pre or post age seven.

If you more readily saw six boxes and five arrows, then your default time consciousness is that of a pre seven year old, and before you take this as immature, please realize, this is the default time consciousness of the artist, guru, mystical poet, and musician.

Having this time consciousness as your default means, you live much of your life in the here and now, discovering beauty in many things and in many people.

On the other hand, if you more readily saw one box moving through time, you have the default time consciousness orientation of a post seven year old, which is to say you have the default time consciousness of the financial planner, the farmer, the scientist, and the museum curator.

Having this time consciousness as your default means you live much of your time planning for the future and examining the past, looking for beauty in how things change across time rather than in what is right in front of you.

Finally, for those wishing to explore these and other ideas about consciousness further, you'll find a full length article below.

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