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Why Symptoms Return - How Healing Progresses

The Healing Spiral

How Healing Deepens - the Healing Spiral

The Healing Spiral: How Healing Actually Alters Wounds

If you are reading this article, then in all likelihood, you have done a lot of work on yourself.

Now consider one of your more difficult issues and how well you've healed this issue. Does it keep coming back?

This belief, that wounds are bound to come back, is often what generates peoples' hopelessness in and around healing. Certainly frustration. And in some cases, shame even. But is this idea true, that wounds keep coming back?

I believe it is not true, certainly not the part of the injury you have actually healed. In fact, given you use as the proof of healing that you can now picture on the screen of the mind what you previously could not, I have never witnessed a single case wherein a person again lost this ability. In effect, what has healed ,stays healed.

What is happening then, when symptoms reappear?

In order to explain this, I need to ask you to picture a circle.

Now picture, on this circle, a point or mark which will represent some particular issue, something you've worked on many, many times.

Now if you were to see going around the circle as time unfolding and passing the issue point as the point your symptoms returned, every time you saw symptoms, you'd believe your issue was back.

What do most people do when this happens?

Most people work hard to get these symptoms to go away. Why? Because most people mistake the absence of symptoms for healing.

Is this healing?

In and of itself, no. Lots of times, symptoms are simply hidden by will. Thus, lots of times, wounds are simply asymptomatic.

With genuine healing, the gains are permanent. What gains? The increased ability to visualize on the screen of the mind in the affected life area.

Here then is the point. Sometimes the return of symptoms means people are again reliving an issue. At other times, though, these symptoms returning mean something entirely different.

In the first case, wherein healing has not happened, these symptoms mean just what they appear to mean; that the person is again reliving an injury. These cases are accurately represented by the circle with the issue point.

However, in the second case, wherein some healing actually has occurred, the spiral more accurately represents what is happening. How? by indicating that people are simply healing at a deeper level.

This, then is what I've represented in the drawing of the spiral, in which a person experiences the same issue at deeper and deeper levels.

How can you tell the difference?

By noticing, in times where symptoms return, the degree to which you can visualize on the screen of your mind.

What has been healed stays healed, and what has yet to be healed will be clearly discernable by it's inability to be visualized.

Now let me restate this idea once more.

Most people see this symptom removal as healing. More over, in attempts to heal, all people experience multiple visits to the same issue. Most people even believe these multiple visits are normal.

However, while most people see these return visits as normal, most mistake them for a step backwards, believing Blocks heal only with repeated attempts to get rid of the symptoms and that when a BLock is healed, the symptoms stay gone. This is simply not true.

What is true? In truth, revisiting Blocks in a circular and repetitive pattern is a normal and healthy process, and while most people experience these revisits as returns to the Block at the same level of healing, actually, each return is a deeper and deeper level of healing.

The point? For most people, revisiting a Block causes people to question whether they actually healed anything. Often, then, they may wonder, “if I did, how did I get back here again? I thought I healed this issue. Maybe I never did?"

In truth, these people did heal that issue but only part of that issue, and it is only the unhealed part which has returned. Thus, it is normal and healthy for the remaining unhealed part to later reappear, as life events provide us with chances to heal each Block at deeper and deeper levels. Further, healing never repeats at the same level but rather deepens with each repetition. Notice this is the exact opposite of how wounding changes over time, as wounding increases in scope.