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Losing Weight Consciously

Emergence Weight Management:2004

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This article discusses weight management and how people can use Emergence to alter both metabolism and body weight consciousness.

Learning to Love Managing Your Weight

Most people I know want to lose weight. They also want to eat whatever they want and skip the exercise part.

Is this crazy? In part. But the truth is, most of these people are just normal, good hearted folks who have tried again and again to lose weight. And again and again they've failed. Or they have successfully lost weight by making Herculean sized efforts, only to regain this weight the minute their will power fades.

Does weight management have to be this hard?

You want the real answer? Yes, it does. At least until you learn to manage your body consciously. At which point, while managing your weight will still be hard, it will be less hard.

Already turned off by what you've read? I can certainly relate. After all, who wants to hear that weight management is hard? No one. Especially after hearing so many people say that weight management can be easy.

Despite these claims, though, you already knew the truth. Managing your weight is hard.

Now try to hear the good news in what I've just said. Managing your weight is hard, but it doesn't have to be as hard, because there are things you can do to make managing your weight less hard.

Like what?

Like learning how the state of being you're in at the time you eat and exercise affects how successful you'll be.

Is this true? Your state of being affects how well your fitness and weight management efforts turn out?

Yes. In fact, teaching people how their state of being affects their body weight and fitness is probably the most neglected part of any weight management plan. Even in the best of plans.

What this means is, while there is a lot of good information and encouragement out there regarding weight loss and fitness, most of programs fail for all but the most dedicated of people. And here's where the principles of Emergence come in.

Emergence as a practice is essentially a group of tools which help people to learn to recognize their states of being. In a way, it has a lot in common with Buddhist insight meditation. Applied to food, weight and fitness, then, Emergence can make it both easier for you to begin a weight management program and easier for you to keep doing a weight management program. How? By helping you to have the love of the process emerge in you. Once this love emerges, not only will you benefit more from your weight management efforts, but you will also come to love the process as well. The work itself actually becomes enjoyable.

What does Emergence applied to weight management involve? Here's the brief outline:

  • Learn to consciously manage your metabolism using the "spinning wheel" technique.
  • Learn to consciously manage your transitions between the three metabolic states; (1) stillness, (2) mid-movement (normal activities) and, (3) full movement (exercise.)
  • Learn to consciously manage your eating, making ongoing efforts to reclaim your baby consciousness in and around food.
  • Learn to consciously manage your weight, using an awareness of your personal weight ranges to guide your eating and metabolic efforts.

Sound interesting?

We'll begin with some new ways to look at an old idea; metabolism.