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Closing Thoughts on Losing Weight Consciously

Emergence Weight Management: 2004

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This article discusses weight management and how people can use a knowledge of weight ranges to alter both metabolism and body weight consciousness.

Emergence Applied to Weight Management

So what does Emergence applied to weight management involve? Again, here's the brief outline:

  • Learning to consciously manage your metabolism using the "spinning wheel" technique.
  • Learning to consciously manage your transitions between the three metabolic states; (1) stillness, (2) mid-movement (normal activities) and, (3) full movement (exercise.)
  • Learning to consciously manage your eating, making ongoing efforts to reclaim your baby consciousness in and around food.
  • Learning to consciously manage your weight, using an awareness of your personal weight ranges to guide your eating and metabolic efforts.

Four places to focus. Four places to heal.

So what about the "losing" weight part I mention in the titles?

The losing weight part is up to you. If this is what you want, then these four conscious activities can help you do that.

Easily? No. As I've said, weight management is hard work.

Even so, I, at age fifty-seven, lost roughly twenty five pounds in the eleven weeks of training I did last November. More important, though, for the first time ever, I lost this weight and did not go into shock. In fact, most people had to really look to see I was losing weight. Why? I didn't have the "ghostly" sick look that people in "diet shock" usually have.

Even I was amazed, and I am pretty good at recognizing my conscious states. I was not in shock.

What prevented me from going into shock?

Using these four conscious weight management techniques, especially the metabolic transitions one. This one was what I did so differently this time.

In fact, I believe my learning about metabolic transitions has been a major insight into much more than just managing my physical transitions. I now use it in just about every life situation I'm in. For instance, I've added it to my conscious eating habits.

Thus, I'm now learning to ramp up to my meals, by slowly eating things, like a few roasted almonds, just before and just after meals. No coincidence the woman who taught me this trick is one of my clients, a middle aged woman who has, so far, lost about sixty pounds in five months.

This almond trick is one of her discoveries, something she thought up after hearing me talk about the importance of metabolic transitions. And it's a great transitions tool for both going in to and out of meal times.

By the way, this client has also had no signs of diet shock during her sixty pound weight loss. In fact, similar to me and my lack of diet shock, no one around her can understand how she can not be in diet shock. To make these gains, they believe she must be torturing herself.

She's not. And she's lost sixty pounds.

Can everyone do this?

Theoretically? Yes. But to be honest, I'm not sure. And if you press me, I would say maybe you can do this, but only after you do a lot of work in and around learning to recognize your states of consciousness.

Am I discouraging you? I hope not. And to be sure, I am not a diet expert. So I would be the first to admit, I don't have it all down.

I am, however, pretty happy with how my efforts to learn to consciously manage my weight are turning out, and I'm saying this knowing this process has been a life long effort.

Am I satisfied with what I've uncovered so far? Actually, no, I'm not. I'd like to find even more. Even so, I'm pretty happy overall, as I now love the process as much or more than I love the outcomes.

Finally, please do write and share your weight management stories with me. You never know what will help me and others and what may help you in the sharing. After all, I'm sure you too have some "almond" stories.

And good luck with your weight management efforts.