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Weight Ranges and Weight Loss

Emergence Weight Management: 2004

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This article discusses weight management and how people can use Emergence to alter both metabolism and body weight consciousness.

What are "Weight Ranges"

Let me start with what Emergence weight ranges are not. Emergence weight ranges are not the so called "healthy weight ranges" your family doctor's charts recommend. Nor are they the so called "good bet ranges" on which life insurance companies base their rates. So what are they?

Obviously, Emergence weight ranges have to do with your weight varying. Rather than what is "healthy" varying or "good bet" varying though, these weight ranges vary closer to the way ocean tides range between high and low tides. No moral judgment. No health assessment. Simply a conscious look at how your body changes naturally.

Closer yet would be seeing your weight vary similarly to how rechargeable batteries have a fully charged and fully discharged state. Human bodies function similar to this in that we, too, have a fully charged and a fully discharged state.

Also similar is the way rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. We do too. Thus, if we do not fully discharge ourselves, over time, we, too, lose our ability to recharge, and in essence, these ideas are the basis of the metabolic theories I spoke about in the prior sections.

Sound far fetched? Well, you might be interested to know that human bodies actually do function like rechargeable batteries. In fact, the recent popular movie, "The Matrix" was based on this very idea.

So what does all this mean and what does this "range of charge" have to do with how our weight varies?

It means this range of charge affects how our weight varies. Thus, we each, at any given time, have the equivalent of a "high" and "low tide" weight number, each associated with a fully charged and low charge state.

By this, I mean, we each have a current high scale number at which our bodies will, under normal conditions, not exceed. We also each have a current low scale number at which our bodies, under normal circumstances, will not dip below. Finally, we each have a series of these weight ranges programmed into our bodies which function like an electrochemical road map for weight management.

Now obviously, most peoples' weight varies daily and even through out the day. What makes this happen?

The "Three Pound Muffin"

What makes this happen is more like what makes weather change than simple cause and effect. Weather, and our body weight, changes in response to an almost infinite number of influences.

We eat. We exercise. We think. We feel. And all these things affect body weight.

Nothing new, right?

Of course. What is new though is the idea that understanding how weight varies within this range is simply not important, beyond, of course, the theoretical basics which can help you to mentally and spiritually relax about the small digressions we all ordinarily make.

Like what?

Like the extra muffin you ate last night. Because our scale weight varies within ranges more easily that outside ranges, eating an extra muffin can not possibly be the terrible digression most people make it out to be. And the candy bar or piece of cake you ate yesterday which you believe accounts for your scale weight going up three pounds the next day? This can not be a terrible demon either.

Now pause for a moment and think this idea through.

The muffin didn't weigh three pounds. So no matter what anyone says, gaining three pounds from eating a four ounce muffin is just not possible. Why? Because eating a four ounce muffin, even if your body retained the whole four ounces, simply can not account for a three pound weight gain. This is physically impossible.

Sadly, many of us have never questioned this closely.

So what does happen?

How Scale Weight Varies

Again, the answer is infinitely complex, and for the most part, is unimportant. To give you some idea, though, our scale weight varies within our current weight range much like the pong ball moved in the old pong video games. It moves very similar to how a bouncing ball bounces when contained within two opposing walls.

Thus your scale weight, like the pong ball in those early video games, at times, bounces up and hits the upper weight range wall, and then it falls back. And sometimes it hits the upper wall harder than usual, at which point your scale weight appears to hang there at that number. And at other times your scale weight falls gradually down to the lower scale weight wall, at which point, your scale weight rest there momentarily.

Then there are those times wherein your scale weight varies so unpredictably you simply can not account for how it changed.

Again, accounting for how it changed is simply not important and in fact, does nothing but stress people out.

Translation. Most changes in scale weights mean nothing. Your weight is simply varying no differently than ordinary weather varies.

How about when we actually gain or lose weight?

We gain weight only when we seriously challenge our high weight range number, and by "seriously," I mean when we exceed our normal food intake and / or do significantly less physical exercise than we usually do.

What does this do?

It puts our bodies into shock, which sends us past our current weight range ceiling.

And losing weight?

We lose weight in similarly, in that we lose weight only when we seriously challenge our low weight range number, this time, by eating significantly less than our normal food intake and / or doing significantly more physical exercise than we normally do.

Again, what this does is, it puts our bodies into shock and jars our scale weight down past our current weight range floor.

So how do we use this knowledge to consciously manage our bodies?

Using Weight Ranges to Consciously Manage Our Bodies

First, you need to map out your current weight range. How? By systematically recording your AM scale weight for at least a period of three months.

Second, you need to also record your average food intake and average activity level. Why? So that you can see for yourself that eight ranges actually exist and how your body weight actually does vary similarly to those old "pong game" balls. Which will relieve you of much of your self hate and anxiety regarding your food digressions and how little they actually do affect you.

Third, you need to incorporate this knowledge of your current and past weight ranges into a self designed program of conscious weight management. How? By using your self observed data to do daily course corrections regarding your body weight and fitness.

Sound obsessive?

It isn't at all. In fact, unlike the weight programs which make you rigidly follow preconceived guidelines, with conscious weight management, you evolve your own program based on conscious loving choices. Based on what? Based on non judgmental observations of your own body and on how being conscious alters your bodies health.

But how can weighing yourself daily not be obsessive?

It's is not obsessive when you do it out of love, rather than out of fear. This means if you miss doing it one day, if you're doing it out of love, it will not matter. But if you are doing it out of fear, you will be hard on yourself and worry.

Managing body weight just doesn't have to be that rigid to be effective. On the other hand, like a ship captain gets ongoing course readings, we need to get ongoing "body course" readings. We simply need to know where we are in order to manage our bodies with love.

The Yellow Book: a Ready to Use "Weight Range Journal"

Now for those willing to find out for themselves if weight ranges really exist, I've put together a 91day journal which you can download for free. To download it, just click on the following link: The Yellow Book Journal

In addition, please know, there is a lot more to be gained from doing this journal than just to map out your weight ranges. Thus, reading the Yellow Book introduction would be very helpful, in that I've included many question designed to help you to heal your food, weight, and fitness injuries.

Also, for those interested in learning in more depth about healing your food, weight, and fitness injuries, please know these is a wealth of information all over the site, beginning with the two "food months" we've hosted. Also, for a more complete discussion of weight ranges, click the following link: Weight and Weight Ranges: the Myth of Weight as a Number

Finally, for a brief look at the "conscious eating" part of Emergence weight management, please click to the next section.