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How Emergence Changes BLocked Experiences

How Healing Changes Consciousness

How Healing Changes A Person’s Ability to Experience a BLock

The nature of all Blocks is such that they blocka person's ability to visually experience (picture) the beauty in something or someone. Even before healing though, some people can, with great effort and will, “know about” what is on the other side of the Block. In other words, with hard work and dedication, BLocked people can be mentally aware of what they should experience were they able to heal. This means even before healing, some few very dedicated people can actually understand that there exists the possibility of seeing beauty where there presently is only suffering or blankness.

After healing though, all people have these two experiences change sides, and while people who have healed can now experience beauty where this beauty was once BLocked, they can no longer experience (picture) what it was like when they were wounded. They can only ‘know about” what it was like.