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On Connection as the Source of Wisdom

To Access Wisdom, You Must Connect
Both people as "Teachers," and both as "Students"

What you see above is a diagram of a wisdom perspective. What this diagram shows is, no one has access to wisdom when looking from only their own viewpoint. How can this be? Am I saying there are no wise people?

No. But think about it. When was the last time you felt wise? Was it ever when you were alone? This is the point.

You might see my point more readily if you try this metaphor: Imagine you are standing at the doors to the legendary Library at Alexandria. Yes, this is "Library" with a capital "L." Don't know about this library? Perhaps that's because it was destroyed between the second and fourth centuries, AD.

What was in it? Supposedly the knowledge of the known world. You see, Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great's generals, inherited their conquered lands in North Africa after Alexander died. In honor of his fallen king, then, Ptolemy built what had to have been the greatest library of all time, in the city he built to honor his king as well.

What would ever cause people to destroy such a great place? The early Christians wanted to purge the world of all pagan writings.

Realize what this means. The knowledge of the known world, what was stored in this great Library, included many pre-Christian writings, things like Homer's twenty-two books and many other works by the Classical Greek philosophers. These writings, great as they were, were considered dangerous works by the early Christians and so, they decided to destroy many of these masterpieces of literature.

Do we see Plato and Socrates as dangers to our spiritual life today? Of course not. But sadly, much of what had been written such as most of the books by the great Greek author Homer, have no known copies left; all were destroyed.

Imagine the wisdom that had been contained in this great library? I can't even imagine. And this thought has fascinated me since I was a boy. I have also pictured the doors to the Library, as huge and as wide as five ordinary doors.

Try, now to picture these doors.

Now try to also picture the two great key holes, one on each side of the great doors. More so, know that the secret to opening these doors is that it requires two people, one on each side of the doors, each turning a key at the same time.

Suppose, further, that in order to stay in the library, that both of you had to be conscious as simultaneous consciousness is the actual key.

Actually, this idea isn't far from the truth. You see, we all contain the doors to the wisdom of the world inside us. We just don't know where to look.

Am I just being metaphoric now. Actually, not. This idea is literally a truth. Oddly, the Gnostic Christians of the same time period believed something very similar and unfortunately, were persecuted out of existence for such beliefs.

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