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Moving Within the Range of Human Perception

Mapping the Limits of Human Consciousness

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What you see in this simple diagram is a map for moving within human consciousness. To use it, you must first see it as a variation on an emergence master fractal, two crossed continuums of possibility in front of the circle of actual experience.

Start by looking at the vertical axis, what emergence theories call the theoretical axis. At the top, you'll find the theoretical state wherein we are fully conscious, and at the bottom you'll find the theoretical state wherein we are fully unconscious.

Now look at the horizontal axis, the continuum emergence theories call the real world continuum. At the left end we have the micro view, in essence the viewpoint from which all pragmatic science looks. On the right end, we have the macro view, the viewpoint from which all pragmatic spiritual practices look.

Now notice what happens as you move downward from either side of the real world axis. Moving downward from the micro view zooms in on whatever details are currently being observed, while moving downward from the macco axis zooms back from whatever details are currently being observed.

Now notice what happens if you move completely downward to the bottom of the theoretical axis. Regardles of which side you move down from, you end up at the same point only expressed in different terms. Scientists zoom in to the point wherein things are so small as to be beyond our world. The world as we know it ceases to exist. And in essence, the same thing happens to the spiritual practitioners who zoom out to this point. They find they have reached the limits of what can be known of our world. Thus consciousness wise, the too big to observe thing becomes no different in experience to the too small to observe thing.

In real world terms, the too small is quantum particles and the too big is black holes. These two levels of zooming exceed the limits of the knowable world. What is interesting here is that scientists and spiritual explorers insist on trying to continue past this point, creating abstract theroretical concepts which they will never be able to prove.

We humans have limits to our ability to be conscious. Within these limits lie an infinitely beautiful and detailed world. Moreover to accept these limits as part of who we are means we get to focus our explorations on what we can affect; our world and ourselves within it. More important, by seeing this as a map for human perception, science and religion get to see each other as the same kind of explorers only traveling in the opposite direction.

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