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Charting a Whole Event

The Horizontal View

an event diagram: horizontal view

What you see represented in the diagram above is an "event diagram," a horizontal series of individual moments plotted in the order in which they were lived. Each individual plot represents the degree to which the person was consciousness at the specific time represented. Thus, each plot is a single point placed on a grid, where the "X" value represents the mix and amount of information the person experienced, and the "Y" value represents the degree to which the person has assigned a meaning to this information.

What is significant here is that by historically connecting the plots in this series, a line is formed. And were you to collect enough of these plots, you would find, similar events form similar shaped lines. For instance, in any event in which a person's nature gets wounded, the line will form what is known as a "P" Curve. More over, this "P" Curve is always present during wounding events, regardless of how widely the details of such events vary.

Similarly, there is a particular shaped line present in all events in which people get overwhelmed but not wounded by a life event. As well as in events in which a person heals an injury to their nature.

The point is, of course, that people experience the same general pattern of inner life event while never experiencing the same literal life event, not even if they, themselves were to try to deliberately replicate the same life event.

Information Continuum
A Single
An Event
An Event