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Putting the First Two Continuums Together

Charting a Single Moment in Time

chart of a single moment in time

This diagram again represents a single moment in time. In other words, it is a single plane of consciousness.

This plane consists of two axes, a horizontal "X" axis and a vertical "Y" axis. The "X" axis is the Information line, which represents the mix of mental and emotional information. The "Y" axis is the Meaning line, which represents the degree to which the person is able to assign meaning to whatever information is then present on the Information line.

Together, these two lines represent the two qualities of human consciousness which make up all we experience.

Of course, these two qualities are simply theoretical states and so, can not possible represent the real experiences. More so, they more represent the degree to which people can picture during the event, this being the single most significant measure of human consciousness.

Introduction Information
A Single
An Event
An Event