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The Time Line

Variable 3: The Third Continuum of Consciousness

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The Time Continuum

How a Series of Grids Become "Time Consciousness" at Age Seven

The Time Continuum is the third and final axis of the Consciousness Metaphor. It is also the "Z" axis of consciousness. Here, people can be consciously referencing events one at a time, or they can be consciously referencing two or more events simultaneously, each occurring in a different time.

Either way, since each time plane references its own state of consciousness, when people are referencing more than one time on the time continuum, they can and most likely will be experiencing more than one state of consciousness. For example, people can be accessing a childhood wounding scene in which they went deeply into shock while at the same time also accessing a moment in the present in which they are consciously an adult and fully aware of what is happening.

Of course, knowing that you can experience two times is one thing. Learning to consciously benefit these experiences is quite another. Even so, learning this skill is well within the reach of most people. More so, once learned, people are able to use this skill to heal wounds by choice, not just by chance.

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