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Moments from Various Life Events

Examples of Life Event Grid Points

a chart of various life enents

Examples of Various Life Events Plotted on the Grid

Here again, we see a single plane of consciousness, with an "X" axis, a "Y" axis, and an overlay of grids. In this diagram, I have charted a variety of events. Actually, each bright, red-orange point on the grid represents a single moment from each of these events.

So what events have I represented here?

Start with the left mid line, the left end of the Information Line.

Here, you'll find people who are entirely in their thoughts with almost no emotions information.

To the extreme right of this point you'll find the counterpart of this experience; a 'heart-on-wheels." Here people are so emotional, they are experience little to no mental awareness.

Now look below this point.

The red-orange point below and a bit to the left of the "heart-on-wheels" point represents a person who is hysterical, sobbing deeply, or raging.

And below and to the left of this point, you'll find a person who is clinically depressed, or coming down from drugs or alcohol.

How do these last three points differ with regard to human consciousness?

Mainly, with regard to the person's degree of shock. In other words, in each of these experiences, people successively experience less and less meaning to the information they experience, with people in the first state experiencing a normal amount of meaning for the information they are taking in, and people in the third state experiencing almost no meaning to the information they take in.

Introduction Information
A Single
An Event
An Event