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The Way Emergences Happen

Stage 2: You Realize You Have a Wound

the Emergence Group Babies

[2]: the "Blocked Experience"

(In this experience, you realize you cannot visualize something)

emergence discover the box experience

What happens next? Next we discover the box. Yea!

So what is this like, to discover we have a box? Actually, it’s not too pleasant, really. One day we think we are fine. The next day, we discover we are not fine. One day we think we are the Dali Lama. The next day, we find out we are the Dali unLama. In truth then, discovering you have a box is more like discovering you have the measles, only worse. With boxes, you feel like you have the bumps and itches on the inside rather than on the outside! Holy cow! What a bummer!

What also happens is your head gets stuck. Where? It gets stuck in thinking about how this box must have been there all along. And in how you never saw it, not even once. How could this have happened, you ask yourself? How could I not have noticed this box?

We call this yucky place, being in shock, and sometimes, you can be in it for a long, long time. Eventually though, you get OK again. But then, you realize, something else has happened too. What has happened?

You can not longer have those same old fights over and over again. Why? Because right in the middle of doing the over-and-over thing, you see it for what it is; a plain old, ugly, yucky, over-and-over thing. So what do you do now? At first, you think some more. Then, just when your head hurts so bad you think it might break open, and spill out all over, you give in. And you ask for help.

So what kind of help do you ask for now? You ask for a guide. Someone who knows how to help people to find the way to get inside of boxes. And get back out and live to tell about it.

But why would you want to get inside of that terrible, painful, yucky old box anyway?

Actually, you don’t. But something tells you, if you don’t go in there, you will keep on feeling yucky. So you kick and scream, or you cough and complain, or you read the carpet, or you read the air. In fact, you try every trick you've ever used to get you out of doing a "thing you don't want to do." But because you have changed, these tricks don't work anymore. Why?

Because once you know a box exists, you can never not know it exists. In fact, this not knowing thing is true even when you work really hard to not know it's there. Like when you eat or drink so much it makes you forget you exist. Or when you bury yourself so deeply in your job you forget you get tired. Whatever you do, though, it ceases to work. And no matter how you try, you simply can not stop seeing this dreadful old box.

Finally, then, you admit it. The time you can hide from this part of your life is over. Now and forever. The end has come.

So what happens next?

You move on to the next step. Before you do though, you do one more thing. Sadly, you admit, once again, to yourself, you are not yet the Dali Lama. Maybe by next Tuesday. But not today.


Reliving a Wound Realizing You've Healed a Wound

the Emergence Group Babies