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The Way Emergences Happen

Stage 4: You Realize That Something Has Healed

the Emergence Group Babies

[4]: the "Personal Experience"

(In this experience, you realize that something has healed)

emergence after the box experience

Are you getting tired? Do you need a nap?

If you do, it’s OK. Fine, really. We like talking to you. And if you want to take a nap, we'll be right here when you get back. As for those of you who would rather we keep going, here is what happens next.

Remember, when we left off last, we were looking inside the box. Then after we did, we felt better. A whole lot better. After all, we got to see that the thing inside the box wasn't at all as scary as we once thought it might be.

OK. So is this all there is to this discovering boxes thing?

Sometimes, it is. Why? Because some folks, after they unBLock a box, feel so much better they feel they would be fine if they were to stay there for the rest of their lives. And it really is quite fine if that's what they do. After all, not all of us aspire to Lama-hood.

For those of us that do, though, we seem to always want to see more. And want to explore more. And want to discover more and learn more. Why? Because we, the aspiring-to-Lama-hood people, have a hard time letting this discovery be all that we learn. Why? Because we somehow know that if we ever want to achieve Lama-hood in this lifetime, that we need to do the next part too.

Do we really? Do we really need to do the next part?

Maybe. No one knows really. As for achieving Lama-hood, no one we know is even sure this is a possibility for us normal folks. Beside, some folks think we already have achieved Lama-hood but just don't know we have. Wouldn't that be a bummer!

If you ask me, though, I think we haven't quite yet, and that if we want to have a chance at Lama-hood, that we need to try really hard not to try so really really hard. If you get what I mean. Or not. Either way though, if we stop now, we will still have a really good life. Only we will not quite reach Lama-hood. Not yet, anyway. If we do want more, though, what do we do next?

What we do next is, we spend a whole lot of time being unable to stop thinking about the dots you just connected, the dots which connect the time you did not know the box existed to the time you went in and saw what was in the box.

Please know, this kind of thinking about dots is very, very hard. I guess that's why it is very, very optional. Mostly, too, it happens only to people like me, people with big heads. This is not to say we have big ego’s though. It just means we have big empty spaces in our heads which we just love filling up.

Some people call us “learners.” Others call us things that our mommy's said we should never say, unless we want to get into trouble. Some people like getting into trouble, though. And some people like saying these troubling words. Whatever the case though, what is really important is what we call ourselves.

So who are we? In truth, we are courageous explorers. Why? Because we are people who keep looking inside boxes even when we get really, really scared. Sometimes too, if we keep looking long enough and hard enough, we also make a new discovery. We discover a third point.

This third point is what I've added to the drawing I've placed above. It's the point we use to connect our previous two points, [1] the Inside the Box experience, and the [2] Outside the Inside the Box experience, to how we used to live our lives. In other words, this new point helps us connect what we just discovered to whole rest of our lives.

This third point is a very big, important one. And when we see it, it means, we are getting closer to Lama-hood.


Healing a Wound Realizing How You Healed

the Emergence Group Babies