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The Way Emergences Happen

Stage 5: You Realize How Healing Happens

the Emergence Group Babies

[5]: the “Teacher’s Experience”

(In this experience, you realize how emergences happen)

emergence teachers experience

OK. If you have made it this far, you know that what is coming is very important. In fact, we are about to go where very few men and women have gone before. No. Not Star Trek. Even better. How can this be? Because if you have made it this far, then what has happened to you is, you feel inspired to teach what has happened to you to others.

Unfortunately, finding the words to teach what has happened is just about the hardest thing a person could ever do. Why? Because what you’re really trying to do is to get people to make the same discoveries you have made. Only you have yet to discover that this is what you are trying to do. So you do what everyone else does when they don't know this. You talk about doing it.

This place is a very lonely place. It is also where a lot of the most wonderful, incredible, amazing people live, for long, long times. In fact, I would guess that there’s not a single human being who reaches this point who does not spend most of their life trying to tell other people about what they have discovered.

Unfortunately, "telling people" is not what "teaches people." "Telling people" is just the way teachers talk to each other about teaching people.

So what happens if you get to this point, the point wherein you can’t stop aspiring to Lama-hood? You become a teacher. And there are a lot of ways you can become a teacher, only we usually don’t recognize most of ways as the way you become a teacher.

Grand mothers and grand fathers who have made it this far are usually some of the best, most wonderful-est teachers we can ever study with. Sadly, many people see them only as old people and worse; as useless.

They are not useless. They are teachers. And we need them so badly, it just makes me cry to think how badly we miss seeing most of them as the wonderful teachers they are.

My grandpa was one of these teachers. And when he was teaching me one day, my family just told him to shut up. God, how I wish I could have heard what he never got to say to me.

Sometimes, too, I worry, when I'm teaching, that people will tell me to shut up too. In truth, it’s already happened. A lot, in fact.

Has this ever happened to you too? Has anyone ever told you to shut up when you were trying to teach them something?

I hope not. Or if it has, I hope you will not quit teaching. And that you don’t ever shut up. You see, the most beautiful thing we could ever discover is that we are all teachers. And that we all make discoveries. And that we all can reach Lama-hood.

More over, I, for one, would really like to hear about your discoveries. Really, I would.

After I take my nap, that is.


You Realize You've Healed

the Emergence Group Babies

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