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How Consciousness Affects Personality Development

How Personal Consciousness Age Affects the Layers of Aloneness

human consciousness - stages by age

The Two Most Critical Changes in Our Consciousness

In the introduction, I opened with the metaphor that the Three Stages of Consciousness are like the movie maker's tools and the "Layers of Aloneness" is like the critical viewpoints from which we evaluate the movies we make. What you see above, then, visually represents this idea.

What is most important to see is the two places at which the Three Stages of Consciousness intersect with the "Layers of Aloneness." These two points are the most critical events in peoples whole lives, except, of course, for birth and death. The first occurs around age two, when we begin to evolve from movie makers to script writers. The second time occurs at around age seven, when we begin to grasp that time is moving and that we have a past, present, and future.