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Emergence Personality Theory

a New Theory of Human Personality

Our Suffering Disappears

The Emergence of Layer 1

“Personal Non-Existence”
(we become so detached, we feel no aloneness)

the emergence of layer 1 - personal non existence  (per emergence personality theory)

the 1st Layer of Personality: "personal non existence"

Here is Layer 1, the outer most layer of the personality "onion."

What does Layer 1 contain?

All of our everyday "just show up for life" stuff. And all of those times when we just "zone out."

Layer 1 Emerges  (per emergence personality theory)

the 1st Layer of Personality: "personal non existence"

Appears at Age?
approximately age 10
Personal Consciousness Age?
(age 7 and older)
Sense of Connection?
Sense of Aloneness?
"I don't usually feel alone, and even when I do, it's no biggie."
Sense of Blame?
"Nothing really bothers me, so I don't usually blame people."
Who Do You Blame?
no one
(no one has done anything wrong)
Who Should Be Punished?
no one
(no one has done anything wrong)
Who Deserves Help?
everything and everyone
Type of Emergence?
I see the innocence in not knowing
"(I didn't even know there was an injury.")
Type of Blamelessness?
We are all blameless for:
not knowing we were injured.>
Urges - Inner Life? (experiential urges)
the experience of non-existence>
Urges - Outer Life? (behavioral urges)
accidents begin to appear
"Aloneness" as a "Drive"
the desire to understand "aloneness" ends
(life loses all meaning)

What We Think and Feel? (realms)
"Realm of Habit"
"the loss of access to the beauty in all things
(no beauty exists in thoughts, emotions, needs, BLocks, visible suffering, crime, time, or reason)

time exists but does not matter

What Do We Look Like? (roles)
uniformity / detachment
uniformed utility worker
anyone zoned out (e.g. watching TV, knitting)
factory worker
dish washer
security guard
house cleaner
sanitation worker
postal worker
UPS driver
maintenance person
anyone bored with their job (e.g. unconscious, parroting teacher)
anyone who is significantly uninterested in learning, healing, loving, and growing