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Emergence Personality Theory

a New Theory of Human Personality

The Origin of All Crime

The Emergence of Layer 4

“Uncivilized Blame ”
(we “point the finger” and feel urges to “punish”)

the emergence of layer 4 - uncivilized blame

the 4th Layer of Personality: "uncivilized blame"

Layer 4 is one of the more difficult to learn about. Why? Because despite the fact that we all have this layer in us, even normal people have trouble loving this part of themselves.

What does Layer 4 contain?

Everything which involves urges to punish someone, anything from wanting to momentarily kill your kids, to wanting to punish your neighbor for cutting your rose bushes down.

This stuff even includes wanting to kill the president for his lack of decisions to wanting to fire the coach of your favorite team.

And then there is the more personal stuff, wanting to punish yourself for your mistakes or for seemingly causing hurt to others like to your children. In fact, many people actually do punish themselves for their children's wounds.

All these urges, whether just experiential or also behavioral, fall into the content of Layer 3; "uncivilized blame."

the emergence of layer 4 - events named

the 4th Layer of Personality: "uncivilized blame"

Appears at Age?
approximately age 2
Personal Consciousness Age?
(age 2 - 7)
Sense of Connection?
"only to the one I need to punish" >
Sense of Aloneness?
"I feel alone a lot. That's what happens when you marry a jerk!"
Sense of Blame?
"punishing" blame
("Someone has to pay!")
Who Do You Blame?
everyone who looks like they didn't prevent my suffering
Who Should Be Punished?
whomever / whatever I see as the cause of my suffering
Who Deserves Help?
no one
Type of Emergence?
Type of Blamelessness?
we are all blameless for:
not seeing the beauty in criminal urges
Urges - Inner Life? (experiential urges)
the urge to do uncivilized blame begins;
the desire for external control begins
Urges - Outer Life? (behavioral urges)
criminal acts begin to appear;
prisons ("doing time")
"Aloneness" as a "Drive"
repeatedly reliving "moments of startling aloneness" provokes crime
What We Think and Feel? (realms)
"Realm of Crime"
"clocking" someone
"stopping someone's clock"
someone else "stops the clock,"
"doing time"

What Do We Look Like? (roles)
punishing parent, lover or spouse
terrorist / hijacker
thief, murderer, rapist
verbal / physical abuser
war time soldier
war activist
punishing anger of any sort,
including "angry, blaming judgments" and "shunning silences"