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Emergence Personality Theory

a New Theory of Human Personality

The 2nd Birth Moment

The Emergence of Layer 8

(we experience the "still point": for the first time, we are alone)

the 2nd birth separation memnet  (per emergence personality theory)

the 8th Layer of Personality: "aloneness" (the "still point")

Layer 8 is perhaps one of the more difficult layers to experience consciously. Why? Because human beings do not by nature, ever sit still in their aloneness.

Yes, we do this sometimes, for instance, when we sit "vapasana" meditation which is the style I practice.

Even so, sitting meditation seeking our aloneness is not our normal way of being. It is simply something which only very determined and dedicated people do and know to be a pathway to better lives.

So where does this natural urge to avoid sitting still in aloneness come from?

A more truthful questions would be, where does our natural urge to avoid this experience come from?

The answer? The sequence of three states we all experience in the moment of our birth.

Which of the three moments is the moment of "aloneness?"

The second moment.

And what does this moment look like?

well, if you've ever been lucky enough to actually witness a birth as a witness as other than a baby or a birthing mother, then in all likelihood, you noticed a moment in which the baby was shocked to be outside the mother. And for those whom have never seen this moment, the baby is perfectly still, not yet breathing and not yet crying.

I call this moment, the "still point." In it, a baby is perfectly still and absolutely alone. It doesn't cry because it has yet to realize there is "another" to whom it can cry for help.

This moment is when the baby first enters Layer 8 for the first time. And this moment is the Layer in which the great spiritual leaders and teachers go to, to explore the deeper sides of life.

This is the 8th layer of personality. This is the layer of "aloneness."

the 8th Layer of Personality: "aloneness" (the "still point")

Appears at Age?
(this is the 2nd of the three birth moments)
Personal Consciousness Age?
(age 0 - 2)
Sense of Connection?
none at all
(there is nothing and no one to connect to)
Sense of Aloneness?
I feel totally alone"
(I am totally alone; no one else exists)
Sense of Blame?
(I am in a "still point" experience; thus there is no blame, as no one and nothing else but me exists)
Who Do You Blame?
no one
(blame does not exist)
Who Should Be Punished?
no one
(punishment does not exist)
Who Deserves Help?
help doesn't exist
(I am all alone)
Type of Emergence?
"I never was alone"
Type of Blamelessness?
We are all blameless for:
our aloneness
Urges - Inner Life? (experiential urges)
the experience of aloneness begins;
the fear of "being loved" begins (the fear of the loss of self)
Urges - Outer Life? (behavioral urges)
the assumption that "no one will be there to help" begins;
"Aloneness" as a "Drive"
"aloneness" becomes "need"
What We Think and Feel? (realms)
"Realm of Psyche"
the two voices of aloneness; "thoughts" and "emotions";begin to emerge
What Do We Look Like? (roles)
mountain climber
vapasana meditator
forest ranger
long-distance runner