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The Four Scales of Personality

Outsight / Insight

The Layers of Aloneness-  3rd Scale - Outsoght - Insight

The 2nd Scale of Personality the 4th Scale of Personality

the Third Scale: Outsight / Insight

(how personally insightful people are)

The third Layers of Aloneness personality scale is represented by a vertical white, up-pointing arrow. This scale is a measure of how aloneness affects peoples’ abilities to be personally insightful.

Please note my emphasis on the word “personally.” Why? Because it is human nature to strive to become more impersonally insightful, which is just to say, we tend toward becoming more philosophically insightful.

What makes us do this? Very simply, we do this because it hurts less. In other words, human nature is such that it is normal for us to look for philosophical, psychological, political and or religious generalizations about ourselves. At the same time, it goes against our natures to search within ourselves for personal insights.

Of course, people can and often do override this bias.

What creates this bias away from personal insights and toward impersonal insights, which I am here calling, “outsights?”

Our built-in bias toward resolving the pain of “aloneness.”


By looking more and more away from ourselves and out toward humanity at large. Thus, in general, the more we group our experiences in with others, the less we personally experience our aloneness. Conversely, the more we look inward at our personal experiences of aloneness, the more we experience this aloneness. And the pain it causes us.

As for the scale itself, people experience the most personal insight when they are in the inner most layer, layer 10. Conversely, people experience the least personal insight when they are in the outer most layer, layer 1.

Finally, please know, this scale in not meant to indicate that “Outsight” is bad or less desirable than “Insight.” It simple shows the connection between aloneness and where we focus as people.

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