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Emergence Master Teacher Curriculum

An Overview of What We Explore, Learn, and Teach

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Emergence Master Teacher Curriculum Article

Master Teacher's Curriculum

As a means of exploring emergence, the Emergence Group has existed for a little more than six years. As a group dedicated to becoming "Teachers of Teachers," we feel we are just beginning.

What's our group like?

We exist primarily as an experiential group, an experiment of sorts wherein we base all we do on the goal of non judgmentally "noticing what is missing." Thus, regardless of "what" we explore, we make staying connected to each other our primary concern. This means "knowledge" is only a secondary concern.

At times, adhering to this goal of non judgment has been quite difficult, even for the most dedicated of us. Even so, we all seem to grow more able to stay connected to each other with every passing group.

How often do we meet?

Currently, we meet once a month for four hours, although we have, for periods, met more frequently.

What do we do with what we find?

Each of us has committed only to the four Guide's Agreements: to "explore" ourselves, to "guide" others, to "practice" damage control, and to "share" freely with others what emerges in us. This leaves each of us free to use whatever we discover in whatever way we feel will make the world a better place.

But isn't Emergence a "therapy?"

In one sense, yes. No surprise then that several of us have backgrounds as therapists and still work in this way.

Mostly though, we each have many interests and diverse skills.

One of us is a Feng Shui practitioner and teacher who uses the principles of Emergence to augment her sense of "healing" spaces. Another is a psychologist and licensed Massage Therapist who is evolving her practice into something I have suggested she call, "Insight Massage." In a sense, she is working on "connecting" inner and outer movement.

One of us is an artist who has had Times Square Billboards and major ad campaigns. His direction seems to be toward creating a new style of teaching and exploring art; a school of art focused on connecting artists and non artists to art. Another is a school counselor of many years who has committed to exploring new ways to help children overcome learning disabilities.

Still another of us, a therapist who teaches spiritual practices to the profoundly mentally ill, has recently been accepted into the becoming process of a Buddhist monk. And another is a PTA (physical therapist) who has committed to exploring ways to connect physical therapies and consciousness.

We even have two very accomplished martial artists, both masters of their arts. Here, we speak of creating something like a "Tai Chi of Two Directions"; a martial art which focuses on conscious conflict as a way to teach people to connect, to their bodies and to each other.

As for my personal direction, I am committed to developing an open Center for Emergence, a community of people for whom learning, healing, growing, and love is a way of life. To what end? To create a true learning center, a school in which the roles of student and teacher merge into oneness, a school in which "parroting information" is something to be healed not praised.

As for new members, we are still too small to invite more than a few people each year. We hope very much to change this soon. In fact, in order for someone to even be considered, we currently ask people to undergo a year long self awareness process. Why? Because having and keeping our exploration space safe means everything to us. And because we expect no one to join who hasn't personally come to see the beauty in our principles for themselves.

Currently then we have two people in this process, one, a teacher and former priest, the other, a musician and studio owner. And as you can see, far from making this a group for "therapists," we see this group as a group of people who focus on learning as the healing agent rather than on ridding people of their symptoms. To this end, the more professions and skills we include, the more paths we have on which to teach and learn and help people heal.

As for inquiries, we invite them. Know that we may be a year or more away from making this school open to the public. Even so, we believe in the power of setting intentions. Thus, we see this brief statement as doing exactly that; as setting our intentions to make a difference in this world, through non judgmental learning and through helping each other heal.

May we all together make a difference,


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