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Emergence Master Teacher
Skills Inventory: Level I

A Brief Checklist for Self Examination

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the Master Teacher's Skills Inventory I

The following list is a Level I Personal Skills Inventory for anyone wishing to practice Emergence Therapy. However, while this list is initially aimed at helping new teachers to self assess, it can also be used to guide the initial skill learning process in anyone wishing to expand their healing knowledge.

As for the Level I designation, the following skills are considered to be the first set of basic skills necessary to learn and teach Emergence. As you read this list, please remember, then, there is no time limit for learning these skills. We are all beginners for life.

Finally, as you go through the list. please add the following qualifier in front of all items:

Can Identify and Have a Personal Reference Event for:

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an Emergence in self
Layer 10 / 9:
an Emergence in others

Going into Shock in self
Layer 8:
Going into Shock in others

someone being in a "Me" State
Layer 7:
someone being in a "You" State
your own "Character Type"

a BLock in self
Layer 6:
a BLock in others

Symptoms Without Blame in self
Layer 5:
Symptoms Without Blame in others

Criminal Urges / Acts in self
Layer 4:
"uncivilized blame"
Criminal Urges / Acts in others

Before-7 Time in self
Layer 3:
"time limited blame "
Before-7 Time in others
After-7 Time in self
After-7 Time in others

Doing Damage Control in self
Layer 2:
"civilized blame"
Doing Damage Control in self

Personal nonExistence in self
Layer 1:
"personal nonExistence"
Personal nonExistence in self