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Discovering the Emergence "Teacher's Perspective"

Learning to Teach Emergence

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On 11/2/04, Stuart wrote:

Hi Steve,

I've had such a nice time this morning reviewing your site. I am so amazed that you put so many of your ideas on paper.

I think I've been prompted to read through your work from a situation that happened last night.

Last night, I got into a discussion with *M-----* about pain he has been feeling in his neck and his arm.

He mentioned that many years ago he had gotten into a car accident.

I tried, in a really loving manner, to help him find the missing spot... the blankness... but I realized--- after much frustration--- that I have a blank spot about showing emergence to others; I can explain it up to a point, then I'm just telling it.

So, in a way, I had a small emergence about emergence... I think...

then not long after this, he wrote again...

Wow, I can't stop reading "What Makes Therapy Take So Long."

Oh, man, I have so many things to ask.

I feel like I have so many years experiencing Emergence from inside-the-box, and now I'm trying to see it from the outside. So I'm a little lost.

I know when I see the key consciously--wow, which is what you have done so lovingly with me so often... thanks so much--I heal the experience. But do I then see the wounded experience that occurred in the shock...?

Oh, I think that's it... I then can experience the shocked state consciously... and that's the wound...???

Oh, boy, I want to learn this to be able to really communicate it...

I wrote back:

Hi Stuart,

Good to hear from you.

It is also very encouraging to me that my first article on Emergence still holds some value, especially for someone as well versed in Emergence as you.

Your email reminds me of how I often think of rewriting all the early articles, as I've learned so much in recent years.

What keeps me from doing this?

I believe there will be a day when people will want to see how the Emergence discoveries unfolded.

As for learning how to communicate Emergence to others, remember, Stuart, in essence, this is what I've dedicated my life to; to helping people to understand and use the things I've discovered to better their lives.

Even so, I've been at this for going on ten years now and still struggle to get across even the basics in ways that *emerge* in people.

Can I teach people to understand Emergence from outside the box? From the Layer 2, head-with-feet perspective?

Yes. And often, from the Layer 9 /10, inside-the-box perspective as well. But teaching people the "teacher's perspective"; to experience the combination of being simultaneously inside and outside the box? Well, I'm still working on doing this and in fact, the principle goal and purpose for the Emergence Teacher's Group is figure out how to do this; how to communicate these wonderful discoveries in ways in which the principles themselves emerge in others.

You're so close, Stuart, to being able to do this. And to being able to connect to Emergence in ways your son will be proud of. To wit, imagine how he'll feel, and you, when he tells people his father made the world a better place for so many children.

You will do this Stuart. I know it.

As for the actual ideas you're currently trying to grasp, please know this:

I believe that often people never do see the whole key or keys, only the stuff which immediately follows the BLock.

Sometimes too though, people do see the keys and in doing so, literally fall in love with the very thing which has been provoking pain in them.

In truth, Stuart, it doesn't really seem to matter whether they do or do not see the actual keys, at least not in the overall scheme of life.

What does matter is that they regain access to the affected life area in ways in which they can then freely explore, visually and blamelessly. In doing so, they can then discover the beauty which was previously hidden there.

This in fact is what you, yourself, are now doing: you are visually exploring the nature of human injury, and the nature of healing as well. And the beauty and simplicity to be seen there is simply astounding.

So glad to have you with me on this, the most amazing of journeys.

As for the best way to gain access to this perspective, I believe the simpler, the better. Keep focusing on the amazing idea that one instant of startling experience can be so powerful as to completely BLock the beauty in whole areas of our lives, including in reading and in writing. Equally focus on how amazing it is that consciously witnessing one instant of such a BLock can so powerfully open up a whole life and free up so much love in a person.

The power of noticing one missing moment! Amazing, isn't it.

If only we can find a way to teach this easily. What a difference it could make.

But you know this already.

Hope you're well,