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Final Day - 91 Days of Conscious Eating

You've made it. Day 91. Do you know yourself any better? If you've been taking your journaling seriously, I'd bet, you've had quite a few surprises. For instance, did you feel surprised by how your weight does not changes day to day based on what you ate the day before, but rather on the general trend? What about eating more, then seeing a lower scale number the next day? Did this happen to you?


Steven Paglierani is an author, teacher, social worker, and scientist whose writings describe the world through the lens of Asperger's. As a licensed therapist, he teaches others—including those with Asperger's—to stop imitating normal and to be themselves. He's created the first natural description of human personality, a theory wherein everything derives from a single fractal pattern. He's also built and raced Shelby Mustangs, been a singer / song writer mentioned in Rolling Stone, and designed his best friend's home as a wedding gift.