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The Second Kind of Need to Appear

In this, the fourth article of a series on the theory underlying the Social Priority Tests, we look at how understanding the human experiences of personal "neediness" and specifically, distractions in and around how we arrange "things," can affect our lives. And how they can affects our abilities to relate to others. We also begin to look at how the need to arrange "things" affects us in times wherein we relive injury, and how knowing this can actually help us to heal our injuries.

Comfort - the 1st Priority Understanding - the 3rd Priority


the Second of the Four "Social Priorities"

the Little Blue "Neatness" Cabinet

Next on our list of social priorities is the second of the four Social Priorities; neatness / things. And if you look at the little blue icon above, what you'll see is the icon we've chosen to represent the second of the four ways people seek to meet their own needs and the needs of others.

What do I call these folks, people who look to solve the needs of themselves and others with neatness / things?

I call these them neatness first people.

What are neatness first people like?

Neatness first people will spend hours arranging their closets or the socks in their drawers. Or they may feel compelled to buy new socks if they have none of a certain color.

They may also feel anxious if they leave some insignificant item home. Or they may be very hard on themselves, or hard on others, should someone dent or scratch something they value.

So what is the social priority of a neatness first person?

Pleasant arrangements. Or at the very least, no distracting arrangements. As in, "a place for all things and all things in their place."

primary need

- -

secondary needs

The Secondary Priorities of a "Neatness First" Person

There are three secondary priorities for a neatness first person; comfort, understanding, and freedom.

How do these three secondary priorities affect this primary priority; neatness?

- -

The Lesser Priorities of a "Neatness First" Person

Here again, there are six lesser priorities for a neatness first person. Considering how little they affect people though, why even bother with them?

Mainly to know one thing: What these people will do they relive an injury.