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Using Fractals to Define Personality

Personality's Third Fractal: The Four Decision Trees

the 4 Decision Trees of Emergewnce Personality Theory

The Second Prism: The Four Social Priorities The Fourth Prism:  Gender Identity

The Four Decision Trees

Now we arrive at the topic at hand; the Four Decision Trees. Also known as the Four Mind Maps. To understand what emerges from this prism then, know that here again, there are only four Decision Trees possible, these four being:

  • The need to make what we give or get Precise
  • The need to refine what we give or get though ongoing Corrections
  • The need to make what we give or get comprehensive through infinite Digressions
  • The need to make an abrupt escape from these infinite digression though Bluntness

Here again, we are looking at the four possible primary colors for every decision we make. The four processes through which the pre birth light of connection must potentially travel whenever we are faced with a decision.

For instance, say you are about to have a baby and are in the process of picking a name. If your Decision Tree begins with Precision, you will need to know the sex of the baby. How could you chose a name without this knowledge?

If, however, your Decision Tree begins with Digression (the need to make sure you have seen every possibility), you will quickly lose you way and want someone else to make this decision. You may even announce this need to your partner rather abruptly, never realizing you have hurt this other person's feelings.

Here too we all have all four colors, only occurring in a different order and in varying intensities. Thus while the conscious order does not normally change, during times of stress, this order inverts, again, as pairs of opposites.

Using me once more as the example then, my Decision Tree is Precision, Correction, Digression, Bluntness. Thus my conscious pattern is to refine (add Corrections to) an already Precise way of Giving Understanding Freely. And my unconscious pattern is to Digress into a Blunt outburst of forcing Understanding on another; usually to understand why we should stop the whole freakin' process.

How Mind Maps work then is they act like four black boxes though which we send every decision we make, from what we want to name our children to what we want to eat for lunch. Of course, included in these decisions is every single question we ever ask ourselves, especially those questions we ask ourselves in order to learn.

Mathematically, the third prism functions a lot like the second; the permutation of four things taken four at a time. Thus there are 24 conscious possibilities and 24 unconscious possibilities, again resulting in 48 total after subtracting the theoretical possibilities that we change to the same state.