The Four Life Events Which Create Human Nature

(Getting Overwhelmed - Getting Wounded - Reliving a Wound - Healing)

In this series of articles, I'm going to introduce the four basic Life Event Diagrams of Emergence Personality Theory. Each of these diagrams represents a map of what occurs on the screen of our minds, a record of sorts of how the visual intensity of what we're seeing changes during these four life events.

How does one make such a map?

Subjectively, a person reports the changing levels of visual detail, including the intensity of the ongoing impact as well as the degree to which the whole event can be pictured. Objectively, a trained observer monitors the person's eyes for brightness and dullness, watching for the recognizable patterns of change we know as fractals.

What kinds of events do these four diagrams represent?

The first three of these four emergence life event diagrams represent the three classes of life events during which we go into shock. This is to say, the life events where we go blank, a profoundly dull and visually vapid state. As for the specifics, the three classes of events are:

  • [1]getting overwhelmed (getting lost in an unmade decision)
  • [2]getting wounded (which we call, getting "blocked")
  • [3]reliving a wound (which we call, getting "keyed")

The fourth emergence life event diagram then maps the visual intensity of what happens to us when we emerge from our wounds. Or as we refer to it, when we:

  • [4] emerge from a BLock

Now to see how incredibly useful these diagrams can be, know that this last pattern; healing a wound, turns out to share the same exact fractal patter of visual intensity as four other classes of life events. What happens to us in those other four events?

[1] we visually recognize a previously unrecognized wound, an event which once it happens is permanent.
[2] we authentically learn, a state which can also be recognized by its visual permanence and ongoing access.
[3] we falling in love, another class of events wherein the authenticity of which is judged by the visual permanence.
[4] we become more personally consciousness, again, judged to exist only when this expansion is visual permanent.

Why am I calling these four events, the Four Basic Life Events? Because these four fractal patterns of visual intensity comprise the entire set of fractals from which all human consciousness emerges.

In a very real sense, these four shapes comprise the basic geometry from which all human experience comes. Equally important though, because these four patterns form the basics from which all other visual intensity patterns get created, these four patterns allow us to visually understand what underlies all of human nature, including the nature of experiences as diverse as addictions, compulsions, depressions and manias, to learning and falling in love.

Now use the menu to see how each of these four patterns plays out in life.