Pattern 2 Life Events: Get a Wound

(we get startled during a life event)

In this second kind of life event, we experience a startle. And from this point on, access to this area of the mind is permanently blocked. Here, by 'blocked," I mean we become unable to visualize anything in these situations. Hence, the "wound" is actually a wounded ability to visualize in these situations. The mind literally goes blank. So we cannot see what to do.

Notice how similar the whole patten looks to the previous pattern; getting overwhelmed. The big difference is the rate at which the person goes into shock. Getting overwhelmed is gradual. Getting startled is abrupt. And it is this abrupt onset which cause the permanent loss in the mind.

From this point on, when the person experience any situation which resembles the original event, they will relive the event as if it IS the original event.

Finally, like everything in life, this pattern is knowable by it's complementary opposite. And as you'll see in a Moment, the experience we call, "getting wounded" is the opposite of the experience we call, "healing." Here, healing is also called, an "emergence. Thus this pattern is also called, a submergence. Literally, our ability to visualize in these situations submerges below the background noise in our minds.